top 10 patanjali products that actually work
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10 Patanjali Products That Really Work


Patanjanli is one such brand that you would see has a lot of customer support. There would be many people around who would suggest you to use one or the other Patanjali product. But, if you are a bit skeptical about trying out any of these products this article can surely help you with your quest. There are many products from Patanjali that have proved to be working so well for everyone you can use them too. They have proven results after use and so they have made it to our list of top 10 working products from Patanjali.

  1. Pantanjali Divya Tejas Tailam Oil

top 10 patanjali products that actually work

Patanjali Divya Tejas Tailam is a mixture of many essential oils and has multipurpose use benefits. You can use it as hair oil, massage oil for body and also as a facial massager. No matter how you use it, it would be really great. On using it as massager it would help heal your dry skin and as a hair oil it would help in giving back shine to your hair.


2. Patanjali Coconut Oil

top 10 patanjali products that actually workCoconut oil is very beneficial for skin and again it can be used for multipurpose. Coming with Patanjali you can trust for the purity and quality of this product. It is pure edible coconut oil. It can be used for hair massage before an hour of shampoo. You can use it lukewarm or even at room temperature. You would be stunned by the results it would give beautiful texture to your skin. It can also be used for massage on dry skin which will help in locking moisture in skin.

3. Patanjali Aloe Vera Gel

top 10 patanjali products that actually work

Patanjali Aloe vera Gel is not just effective gel for any skin but it is also a pure aloe vera gel. It does have benefits of aloe vera and gives glow to your skin. It can be used as a face mask or you can rub it on your skin for a while and then remove it with cotton. You will notice glowing skin after regular use. The additional benefit is the low price of the product at such a great quality. 

4. Patanjali Divya Kanti Lep

top 10 patanjali products that actually work

Pantanjali Divya Kanti Lep is a face pack. I was too unsure about this face pack when I first opened the pack. But I did not give up with my impressions and bias about the product. On regular use I saw beautiful skin free from breakouts and even skin tone. It is one such miracle product from Patanjali that works for your skin.

5. Patanjali Divya Gulab Jal

top 10 patanjali products that actually work

Divya gulab jal is pure form of rose water from Patanjali. It is good smelling pure rose water at a low price. You can use this rose water for overnight application or you can cool it down and can apply it with cotton pads or balls on your eyes. This would help in overcoming with dark circles and give good complexion to your skin.


6. Patanjali Soudarya Face Wash

top 10 patanjali products that actually work

If you are looking for a natural face wash that surely works for your skin, then this one is surely one of them. It has extracts of orange peel, neem, aloe vera and tulsi. It is good for oily or combination skill. It works giving a rich lather with a small amount. On regular use you can notice difference in skin tone.

7. Patanjali Reeta Hair Cleanser

Patanjali Kesh Kanti Reeta Hair Cleanser Review

Patanjali reeta hair cleanser is a Very affordable one whic lathers well & Cleanses scalp thoroughly .It is Herbal upto some extent and has a pleasant scent. It makes hair soft & shiny .

8. Patanjali Body Lotion

top 10 patanjali products that actually work

Patanjali body lotion is great for skin nourishment. This body lotion is made of wheat germ oil and other nutritive extracts. It is good for all skin types and can be used in any season.

9. Patanjali Body Cleanser Soaptop 10 patanjali products that actually workPatanjali Body Cleanser soap has around 3-4 varieties of body cleanser glycerin based soaps. These soaps are good for skin care. They are moisturizing and nourishing for skin. They also give a good cleanse to your skin. You can try out any of them from the various variants.

10. Pantanjali Dant Kanti Dental cream

top 10 patanjali products that actually work

Pantanjali Dant Kanti is a natural toothpaste. How it does work so well we are not sure. But with this toothpaste you can bid bye to all your dental problems. It strengthens gums and also helps in teeth whitening.


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