• 7 Makeup Tips & Ideas for a first date
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    7 Makeup Tips & Ideas for a first date

    [777] Are you going out on your first date? Do you want to impress your date? While first dates are all about the romance, excitement, butterflies, anticipation and wanting to impress the new boy. While trying to impress the new boy, we girls tend to get carried away; doesn’t it? We decide to try out a new hairstyle, new makeup or a new dress but we forget is the most important thing i.e. he asked you out because he likes you for who you are. All you need is to be yourself! But you still want that extra touch of glamour; we have some tips and tricks for you! Remember…

  • Top10 Foundations for Bridal Make-up & Photography
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    Top10 Foundations for Bridal Make-up & Photography

    [777] We bet you never gave this much importance and thought to which foundation to wear before your wedding. Flash photography and bridal make-up go hand in hand, so it’s very important that every bride chooses a long lasting foundation which photographs well. We have put together a list of ten foundations which are perfect for Indian bridal make-up which photography well and will not make you look pale or white in those life long memories. L’Oreal Paris Infallible Lasting Foundation- This is one of the longest wearing foundations we have come across. Even though it has SPF, it still photographs well. This is a must have for all the…

  • Top 7 BB creams for oily skin available in India
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    Top 7 BB creams for oily skin available in India

    [777] Patchy, uneven skin tone is a negative score on the beauty scale, and on top of that oily skin makes anyone look much duller. Girls who have oily skin refrain themselves from wearing make-up as it wears off very quickly. Therefore they had to stick to predominant style of makeup, that is, kajal, mascara and lipstick. An experiment with looks seems to be next to impossible. This turns off mood for any kind of casual outing, date or dinner. Here we list some of BB creams that are available in India And will suit oily skin type. Colorbar Perfect Match BB cream The product is best in market especially…

  • How to make small eyes appear bigger??
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    How to make small eyes appear bigger??

    [777] Do you think your eyes are too small compared to others…!! They doesnt look as sparkling as the ones having bigger eyes??? Do not just sit down depressed, because you cant ceratinly change your size of eyes as it has been given by nature, but you can certainly work on the following amazing tricks to make your eyes appear big and attractive…   Working over dark circles: Use of concealer over the darkcircles could brighten up the darkness of the eyes and could help it look bigger.. Because due to darkcircles, eyes often tend to look tired, weak and thus small.. To make it look bigger and fresh, use…

  • Makeup tips for dark skin tones
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    Makeup Tips fo dark skin tones

    [777] Most of the makeup products suit fair skin tones well but matching them with dark skin gives tough time. Dark skinned beauties should spend some time and choose products with extreme care and with few tips they can look gorgeous. Here I’m sharing of such tips which might be helpful to you. Face Usually dark skinned ladies have uneven skin tone due to uneven distribution of melanin. They have darker forehead and lighter center and so choosing foundations in multiple shades is advised to get even looking natural look. While applying foundation, it is important to create seamless finish and gradual transition from lighter part of your face towards…

  • 10 easy ways to look younger 2
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    How To Apply Makeup in 5 Minutes

    Mornings usually tend to be hurrying . We have so much of work to do before leaving house. Working women know the struggle better. Even the college students face it. So, here are simple makeup tricks and tutorial to get your makeup done in just 5 minutes. 1. The Basic Things To get your makeup perfectly, you should first make sure you follow a healthy skin care regime religiously or not. Do the cleansing, scrubbing, toning, moisturizing and facials. 2. Cleansing, Moisturizing and Sunscreen Whatever may happen, you should never skip this. Make sure your skin is clean. However in the mornings, you take bath, so your skin might be…