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    Top 10 Bridal Facial Kits in India

    [777] In case you are reading this article, then the possibility that you are a bride-to-be is high who is looking to ways to look beautiful and radiant on your wedding day. It is only natural that every girl wants all eyes on her on the D-day, and mostly girls do everything they can to achieve the desired result. Why you need Facial Kits? The radiance of your skin will only increase with regular skin cleansing, getting rid of dead cells and boosting the blood circulation on the skin. These facial kits will further improve the skin texture too. However, in case you don’t have the budget for getting these…

  • Top10 Foundations for Bridal Make-up & Photography
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    Top10 Foundations for Bridal Make-up & Photography

    [777] We bet you never gave this much importance and thought to which foundation to wear before your wedding. Flash photography and bridal make-up go hand in hand, so it’s very important that every bride chooses a long lasting foundation which photographs well. We have put together a list of ten foundations which are perfect for Indian bridal make-up which photography well and will not make you look pale or white in those life long memories. L’Oreal Paris Infallible Lasting Foundation- This is one of the longest wearing foundations we have come across. Even though it has SPF, it still photographs well. This is a must have for all the…

  • Top 15 Pre Wedding Tips for Indian Brides to Be
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    Top 15 Pre Wedding Tips for Indian Brides to Be

    [777] Weddings are fun time for relative and friends. A time of joy and cheer for family and get-together for invitees. But, what about the most important person of the event? The Bride of course, she has so many things to do and so many things to plan. Indian weddings are big and fat. We know no limit in rejoicing when it comes to wedding functions. But most of the times the leading lady of the occasion goes through a chaos and ends up with regretful memories of chaos and blunders on her special day. All this can be easily avoided if there is a systematic approach to the functions…