• 7 Hair Masks for Healthy Hair
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    7 Hair Masks for Healthy Hair

    [777] Hair is most important part of our body. Be it anyone a male or a female hair plays a very vital role in enhancing their looks and style. Hair does contribute to the glamour and style statements of a person to a fair share. Understanding the importance of healthy hair, today we have brought for you 7 hair masks for healthy hair. 1>    Oats Hair Mask Oats are very healthy and have great benefits for hair. This hair mask can give you soft, silky and healthy hair on regular use. It is easy to make and easy to wash Oats hair mask. Ingredients Required: 1 Table spoon Oats 1…

  • Amazing ingredients for hair mask
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    Mix these ingredients for a hair mask and the results are amazing !

    [777] Monsoon is here and in this season, hair needs your utmost care. One should never be careless about it. Damaged hair, hair fall problem, dandruff – these are symptoms due to lack of proper treatment. At this time, if mix these ingredients for a hair mask, you will find amazing results. Ever wondered, how the kitchen holds the power simple magic tricks? Well, read on to find what kitchen has to offer for your hair! 1. Banana and Honey Banana and honey works best as a moisturizer for your hair. If you have dry or frizzy hair, nothing can beat the wonder mixture of banana and honey. Take one…