• DIY Magical Face Pack- Get Glowing Skin instantly
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    DIY Magical Face Pack- Get Glowing Skin instantly

    [777] Hello Everyone, Let’s see, how to get fresh & glowing skin instantly. Whenever you have a party or a function to attend and you have no time to get a good facial done, this pack will definitely give an instant glow to your skin. Watch the video for more details  For this, you will need only two ingredients, those are curd/yoghurt & salt Benefits of Curd to the skin: Curd is actually very good for your skin It cleanses and exfoliates the skin very well & provides a natural gleam It acts as a very good moisturiser It helps in restoring your natural colour It helps in reducing acne It unclogs…

  • 10 Best Homemade Besan Face Packs
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    10 Best Homemade Besan Face Packs

    [777] Gram flour is used widely in many homemade face packs. Besan is a key ingredient in many skin glowing face packs used by grand moms because of the great properties of it. It is best ingredient to impart glow to lifeless dull skin. It easily removes dead skin and also nourishes it. Gram flour is also used with other ingredients for various purposes for face packs. Here we have brought to you 10 best face packs with gram flour or besan for glowing beautiful skin. Lighten Skin Complexion Mix few strands of saffron with raw milk and 2 tablespoon of besan. Mix all ingredients well and make a paste.…

  • 7 Best face packs for instant glow
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    7 Best face packs for instant glow

    [777] Having a glowing and flawless skin is every woman’s dream. Isn’t it? It isn’t really hard to look pretty, because your kitchen is stocked with some magic potion that can help get you beautiful in just few minutes. Nourishing natural remedies always prove to be the best one stop solution to skin care. Find below some basic remedies that you can apply any time of the day, be it before going to work, before attending a wedding, or before getting ready for a date night or even going for a wedding. 20 minutes and you are beaming with a fresh look and ever so glowing skin. Read about 7…

  • Top 7 Facial Kits For Glowing skin
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    Top 7 Facial Kits for Glowing Skin

    Too caught up with your hectic lifestyle? Have you been re-scheduling your appointment with your parlor?  Nowadays, you hardly have any time to follow up for a strict regime of beauty and health. It is very important that you do something about it. With comfort of your home, all you have to do is take one single part of our precious time, and devote it yourself. [777] I took out time, and made list of the best facial kits that are available in the market very easily. Let’s cut the pain of scheduling yourself an appointment and then cancelling it. Just take out that kit, and be your own beauty…

  • How to get clean & clear skin naturally
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    How to get clean and clear skin naturally

    [777] Who said you can’t get clean and clear skin naturally? Decades before women used to take care of skin using natural ingredients from kitchen. However it isn’t always possible to use natural ingredients due to tight day schedule. So grab the product and use it. It is quite easy. Here we have explained how to get clean and clear skin naturally and also steps on how to take care of your skin. Rules for Clean and Clear Skin: Know your skin type and based on that pick the right method for you. Choose products made for your skin type. Drink at least 8 glasses of water. We recommend you…