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Top 10 Skin Care Tips For This Monsoon


Monsoons have approached and with this romantic season have also approached risk of bacterial and fungal infections for skin. Humidity and wet skin are the common elements of monsoon. Apart from infections there are also other care requirements for skin because of its sensitive nature. There are a few ways you can protect your skin these monsoons. You should can try and follow these tips and make them a habit in your routine to keep your skin healthy and issue free.

  • No Experimenting with Artificial Jewelry

Monsoon specifically is not the right time to experiment with artificial jewelry. If you have sensitive skin the humidity in the air makes it easy for your skin to breakout. You may face issues with this later on. There is also an increased risk of fungal and bacterial infection for skin in this season.

  • A Proper Cleansing Regime

Skin requires proper cleaning regime this season. We are not just emphasizing facial skin here but your overall body needs care and cleaning regime to stay healthy. Find some good antibacterial cleaning products. You can go on natural way or take help of some chemical soaps and body cleansers to help you with this.

  • Use Less Make-Up

Do Not load your skin with a lot of makeup. It is not the right season to opt for heavy makeup. You can try out some simple ideas that helps your skin look bright with less products. You can also try out some DIY tips to use less makeup and yet look elegant.

skin care tips for monsoons

  • Eat Right

You should trust your Mom when it comes to eating right food for monsoons. You should eat more green vegetables and fruits. Increasing fruits and vegetables in your diet would help in getting a natural glow to skin. It would also ensure that you are healthy from inside.

  • Exfoliation

Dead Skin always causes issues in every season but in monsoons it is quite easy for dead skin to clog pores and tarnish your skin. You should follow an exfoliation schedule in your routine for keeping dead skin off from your skin. You do not want to face breakouts after all.


  • Drink More Water

There is constant dehydration faced by the skin. You should work up to keep your skin hydrated this season too. Also right amount of water intake would ensure that toxins are out of your body. Thus, water is important for healthy skin this season too.

  • Avoid Hot Water Bath

The most tempting thing in this season is taking up bath with hot water. You just want to plunge in for hot water bath after coming home. But, this thing should be avoided. Bathing in hot water would take away moisture from your skin and lead to damage of soft and sensitive facial skin. Instead, you can opt for lukewarm water or tepid water.

skin care tips for monsoons

  • Go Natural

You should use and prepare more number of homemade masks and skin scrubs for this season. Using harsh chemicals on your skin is not right for monsoons. You can try out various natural ingredients to take care of your skin.

  • Do Not Discontinue Sunscreens

Sunscreens are important for summers. But, it is often believed that in monsoons we do not need sunscreens. This is not true our skin needs equal UV protection in monsoons too. We need to use sunscreens in same manner that we used it in summers.


  • Say “NO” to Alcohol, Smoking and Coffee

Alcohol, Smoking and Coffee are three things that does health damage in any season. But, in monsoons they run havoc on you and your skin. These things tend to wash away all the moisture from your skin. It is necessary for your skin to stay hydrated in monsoons so say no to alcohol, smoking and coffee and keep your skin healthy.

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