How to do pedicure at home
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Pedicure At Home in 7 Simple Steps


Women undergo various beauty regimes almost every day in order to look good and appealing. One of them is nail care which includes manicure, for hands and pedicure, for legs. In this scorching heat going to the parlor and getting pampered seems a bit of a task. Since most women have no clue as to how pedicure can be done at home, they continue with their worn out feet. Well no need to worry my friends I am here to tell you the simple steps by which pedicure can be performed at home.

1 ) Collect Supplies

First and foremost thing you need to do is to collect all your supplies since you need them for the basic toe-tampering. Your supplies should include a tub filled with water for soaking, nail clippers and file, a cuticle stick, a pumice stone for scrubbing and a nail polish color of your choice. You can also carry your own lotion and cuticle oil.

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2) Remove previous nail paint

The next step is to remove your existing nail polish as it is hard to put on a new color over the existing one. Using an acetone remover make sure to get the bits along your cuticles as well.

How to do pedicure at home

3) Dirt removal

Place your feet in the tub filled with warm water for 15 minutes and just relax. This will help in removing all the dirt along with softening the tough calluses.

4) Shape the nails

Trim the nails in the shape you want, probably slightly squared. Remember to smooth out the top of the nail in order to create a level. If you want then you can prepare your toes better prepared for painting by cutting away the excess cuticle skin and rubbing the cuticle oil.

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5) Scrubbing

It is time to now move towards your actual feet. Since the skin is now smooth and soft, use the pumice stone to scrub down the calluses and dirt. Do not use ‘cheese grater’ type tool as it can lead to fungal infection. Clean up and soften your skin. Since this skin is thick you can consider scrubbing roughly slowly cleaning the toes and all over the bridge of your foot. You can rinse your feet with a good amount of water after scrubbing.


6) Moisturizing

You can finally remove your feet from the water, pat it dry and prepare to put on the coats of nail polish. Apply moisturizer or lotion before doing so in order to keep your feet hydrated.

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7) Apply base coat & selected nail color

It is advisable to apply a clear nail polish on all your toenails as a protective base coat. The toenail does not get yellow and the lacquer is able to stick better on the thick base.Paint each toenail in the nail polish color of your choice. You should start near the cuticle from the center of the nail and use long brushstrokes towards the tip of each nail in order to fill in the color. Continue to do so until the whole nail is covered in paint and remove the excess paint using a fingernail that might have gotten on the skin. In order to get an opaque layer of color apply two coats of the nail polish.

How to do pedicure at home

Let your nail polish color dry and complete it with a clear top. After 10-15 minutes check if the paint is dry by using your finger. You are finished once the paint doesn’t smear under pressure.

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I am sure your feet would be looking absolutely gorgeous and radiant. Step out with your soft new feet with your beautiful nail paint.

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