Korean Beauty Secrets You Must Know !
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Korean Beauty Secrets You Must Know !


Korean beauty secrets are simple and give a boost to your skin when it comes to a youthful and glowing skin. Let’s find out some of the Korean beauty secrets to keep the skin smiling with joy!


The first important step is to clean the skin by removing all the make-up and dirt by using a cleansing milk or make-up cleanser. Do not rub the skin to remove the make-up, instead go for gentle cleansing of the skin.

Korean Beauty Secrets You Must Know !

Double Cleansing

After removing all the make-up, Korean women go for mild foam or soap to clean up the skin. They prefer not to rub the skin but gently clean it in circular motions.


The next step is exfoliation which helps in removing dead cells. Gently scrub the face in circular motion every night to remove dead cells in order to make skin soft and supple.


After exfoliation, use a good toner to keep your skin hydrated and it also maintains the pH balance. Toning helps in preparing the skin to absorb the moisturizer or cream applied after cleansing.


Essence liquid

After the cleansing and exfoliation part, Korean women never forget to apply some essence. It is a nourishing liquid which can be in a form of rose water or any other liquid good for skin. This liquid is good for skin and complexion.


To keep skin moist and supple, moisturizing is important. It promotes blood circulation and keeps wrinkles and dryness at bay from the skin.

Face Masks

Koreans prefer using natural face masks made from natural ingredients. They mostly use curd, green tea and snail mucin as face masks followed by face massage for a healthy and glowing skin.

SPF Regime

Koreans never step out in the sun without applying fair amount of SPF. Applying SPF prevents wrinkles, ageing and blemishes, keeping skin healthy and glowing.

Eye Cream

Koreans take extra care of their eye area. They use under-eye cream to keep it well moisturized by tapping eye cream around the eye area before sleeping. It removes wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness around the eyes.


Skin Diet

Koreans take care of their skin in a special way by keeping their diet upto the mark. The most important food is ‘Kimchi’ which is a spicy cabbage with a blend of spices like chilli, pepper and ginger, garlic.

Skin Emulsifying

After complete cleaning process, skin emulsion is necessary. It is done by a light moisturizer by tapping it gently on the skin in circular motions. Massage the moisturizer well till neck using gentle strokes.

Sleeping Pack

Use a face pack before sleeping. Apply it on your face for 10 mins or till it dries out and wash off with plain water. It nourishes your skin and keeps it soft. Apply night cream before hitting the bed.

Beauty Regime

A proper beauty regime should be followed to keep the skin healthy and young. Keep it clean and well moisturized for that youthful look and glow.

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