Priyanka chopra beauty secrets
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Beauty Secrets of Priyanka Chopra


Beauty is a factor or an element of our life that we do our best to keep it enhanced and upgraded always. Beauty is a self-care or a factor of self-love and a part of our own identity. We all want to look beautiful, but all of us have different definitions of beauty. Today, we are talking about that beautiful look or feeling of skin that makes you confident and keep you prepared and presentable always. Almost all of us know that make-up and other accessories are just temporary. What we all should really work out for is to take care of our skin and keep ourselves naturally beautiful. In this article we have looked up for those key secrets that keeps you naturally beautiful.

Priyanka chopra beauty secrets

Celebrities have toughest routines and they have hard time going off make-up and not using anything artificial to take care of their skin. We are going to reveal to you some of those secrets that have worked wonders for these celebrities and have managed to keep them looking so youthful and beautiful always. Here, we are going to reveal to you the beauty secrets of our very own loved diva of Bollywood, Priyanka Chopra. There would be hardly anyone who would have not praised her for her ever great looks. But, how she manages to keep going so good always and how has she managed to woo audience with her beauty? We found out a few important secrets from her routine to help you with your beauty regimes.


  1. Hair Massage

We all love Priyanka Chopra’s hair. Though her hair goes through blow drying and other chemical damages almost daily, but she has somehow managed to keep her hair an example of beauty. It is also believed amongst hair stylists that Priyanka has got most beautiful hair in Bollywood among all the actresses. The secret of her beautiful hair according to her is warm coconut oil massage. She says it is very important to nourish your hair whenever possible. She says massage hair from roots to tips properly with warm coconut oil and keep it for 2-3 hours or overnight and you will get strong and long hair.

2.Going off make up on holiday

Daily make-up does damage to skin. According to Priyanka she goes off make-up when she is not shooting and at home. She says that she likes to keep it simple and does not don any make-up and applies simple moisturizer and lip balm for healthy skin.

3.Washing off make up must

She explains that it is her habit to wash off all the make-up from face and eyes daily without fail. She says it is must and she never misses it no matter how hard it is. She says that she washes off all her make-up with MAC tea tree oil face wash and applies light moisturizer and eye-cream before going to bed.


4. Applying moisturizer

Moisturizing is very important part of any skin care regime. Priyanka states that she not only moisturizes her face but also apply good moisturizer on body for supple and youthful skin. It is important to keep skin hydrated and nourished according to her.

5. Drinking a lot of Water

Water is very important to keep body functioning well. She says she drinks a lot of water to keep her body hydrated and it has its own skin benefits.

6. Eyes

Priyanka has got very beautiful and innocent eyes in Bollywood. She uses mascara or kajal to highlight this area even if she is off make-up somedays.

7. Diet

Priyanka says she is a food lover. She strongly states that she does not believe in starving and is also not a fan of size 0 figure. She says a woman should love her curves and try to be fit and healthy. She avoids deep fried and fatty foods and suggests including vegetables and green stuff in food. She is also a strong promoter of coconut water in diet. It is her daily practice to drink coconut water without fail stating it is healthy for body

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