Alia Bhatt Beauty Tips
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Beauty Tips Of Alia Bhatt !


In 2012 Karan Johar launched daughter of a well-known filmmaker, Mahesh Bhatt and actress Soni Razdan, Alia Bhatt. At that time she was 19 but made her through into the group of gorgeousness. She had been seen earlier on silver screen earlier as a child artist in the movie “Sangrash”. She is the new glam doll in the Bollywood industry. Philips, Garnier and Coke have featured the star in their ads. She has flamboyantly entertained the industry and has become ‘Symbol of Today’.

Alia Bhatt Beauty Tips
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Young peeps are catching the Alia syndrome easily and wants to her inside out. She isn’t a shy personality who wants to escape from camera instead she is the one who keep confronting the camera with panache. She is the savvy cover girl who has talked about herself candidly. She isn’t manipulative and enjoys herself at her best; this is true beauty of being young.

The youth carries a strong desire to know the secret behind the flawless beauty of Alia Bhatt. And finally she has revealed her secret to media. She follows simple routine to keep herself radiant without touch ups.


1. Alia keeps her hydrated.

We are all well aware about the advantages water have for us. She uses detox water for keeping her fit and energetic. It helps to flush out excess water weight from the body. It neutralizes free radicals and stimulates the liver to support breakdown of toxins and keeps up healthy elimination. It promotes digestion and supports overall healthy functioning of our body.

2 .Never skip diet

If you think by cutting down food, you achieve Alia Bhatt’s figure then you are wrong. She doesn’t support dieting. She prefers eating in every two hours. She cut downs her fat, carbohydrate and sugar intake. She manages the daily requirement of sugar with the help of fruits.

Alia Bhatt Beauty Tips
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3.Use quality product

Alia never compromises on the quality of product she uses. This keeps her at a distance with skin allergies or any side effect of the product. She generously selects her cosmetics.

4. Healthy hairs means vitamins

Her bouncy thick hair gives her a mesmerizing look. And to keep it healthy and shiny, she takes vitamin supplements. Along with vitamin supplements she goes for her hair treatments regularly. It adds as a feather in her hat.

5. Exercise

“All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy”, well this statement is true for everyone. Beauty isn’t about look always. A good health is required to keep up the natural glam. She gyms 4-5 days a week and meditation keeps her stable during the long shooting hours.


6. Carry your magic box

She always carries her Pandora box with herself. She doesn’t prefer putting so much of make up over her face. She generally relies on her kajal, lip balm and Prada perfume with she carries with her most of the time.

7.Don’t forget to scrub

For her skin she scrubs herself regularly. She uses a regular scrub and enjoys spa which distress her and keep her going.       


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