Manicure at home
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Manicure at home in 7 simple steps


For a woman, who does all the run through the whole day, needs to be extra attentive about herself. Right from washing dishes to clothes to keeping the house clean; cooking to taking care of everyone. The woman often forgets to take time out for themselves for a really good grooming session.
Do you know washing your hand too often and not applying moisturizer makes your hand rough? More so, your nails become weak, too, if you do not take proper care of them. One should be extensively careful about their hands, because it is the first to catch hold of germs and spread it elsewhere.
Want to know how to really take care of hands? Below are 7 quick simple steps to manicure at home, for beautiful hands. Just read through. 

Manicure at home

1. Remove the nail-paint
The first thing to remember is to always remove your nail-paint. Your nail-paint should not be on your nails for more than 5 days. Let your nail, breath too. Yes, that’s right! If you see a yellow spot or white spot on your nails that means your nails are weak and they need care.
Take a cotton dab applied with nail-paint remover, and slowly remove the nail-paint in each of your fingers. Use a really good nail polish remover for better effect, otherwise, your nails will get harsh.

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2 .Cut the nails even

Once you have removed your nail-paint (If you had it in the first place!); cut your nails to even, and shape them properly to make them look pretty.

Manicure at home

3. Soak your nails
After shaping your nails nicely; soak your hands in lukewarm water. You can add a spoon of lemon juice and rosewater into the water for cleansing effect. Keep your hands placed in the water, for 10-15 minute. Rub your hands together, working on the nails to release the cuticle and dirt. Doing so, your nails will feel soft. You may take out your hands from the water bowl and exfoliate if necessary. Dry it with a towel.

4.  Massage
One of the ‘pamper me’ moments during manicure at home. Gently massage your hands and finger for proper blood circulation. Use may try to use essential oil to release your tension, as well. It works wonders!


5. Moisturize
The moment you have massaged your hands properly, it is time to moisturize it as well. Wash your hand with liquid soap, clean and let off the oil, then wash your hands with fresh water. Dry pat your hands with soft towel. Now apply a good moisturizer to keep your hand and nails hydrated and soft. You should definitely apply good quality moisturizer, for better result. It will make your skin feel fresh.

6. Apply Nail-Paint
Manicure process is never complete without applying a nail polish. There is no strict rule of colour scheme to follow. Therefore, use your choice of nail polish and adorn the look you want to for your nails. You can try using multiple colours on each of the fingernails; or apply nail-art (quite in fashion, these days!).  However, one must always keep in their mind, to apply high quality nail paint. Using of local nail paint dehydrates the moisture of your nails, hence, making it harsh, brittle and breaks off easily.

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7. Feel good
Once you apply nail-paint, do let it get dry. Meanwhile, it gets dry, you can just sit and relax yourself, and also feel great about how you saved  money, and pampered yourself at home. For sure, it must have drowned in you that how it was really worth it, to take time out for you, and do this handful of tips quite by yourself.


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