Bachelorette Party Ideas

Your BBF is all set to get mingle? You on the other hand, with a wicked smile on your face, thinking about what to do for her bachelorette party! Oh the devil, you. It is true, every girl along-with her girlfriends think about this day. We all know, this day has to be celebrated with lots of memories (embarrassing and some haunting as well!). If you have been appointed as maid of honor, then girl you are so on! Give your BFF and the bride-to-be, the time of her life. Make sure, she hates you till she gets the perfect revenge on of those “my day will also come!’’


We know, you are simply confused with lots of bubbles popping above your head, to pick the best bachelorette party idea. No worry my friend, we have some amazing ideas to share. Just read on.

Before you just start with the ideas, just remember these little things-

1. Pick the date way before the marriage date (prefer a week before). You don’t want her to look like a zombie on her D-day. Believe me, she will never forgive you for that, otherwise!
2. Personally invite very selective friends or close members of her family, she is absolutely attached to.
3. The bachelorette party is something where friends spend money. Figure out a budget and each of you contribute accordingly.
4. Give ‘her’ prized possession of personal gifts that will always remind of this perfect day/night and of the best time she ever had with you all.

Bachelorette Party Ideas

Party Ideas

1. Pajamas sleepover
Aww! Well, this might bring you back some ‘old is gold’ sweet memories. How you all, used to gather up at someone’s place for group study, but instead used to have lots of fun. Relive the perfect childhood moments. You now know, what you have to do! Enough said.

2. Spa
If you along-with the girl gang and of course your beautiful bride-to-be, are all sweet, sober, and calm peeps. Go for a relaxed day out. Book a nice package for all of you for a great Spa day. Make sure, she gets additional spa services, she can feel relaxed and refreshed! Don’t forget about the special goody bags, please.

3. Brunch time
With our busy lifestyle, we hardly have got time for our friends. Most of the times, it also happens, we meet when life calls special day like this. Why don’t you girls plan a nice Sunday Brunch Time? Have a nice time together, gorging on some delicious food and champagne; talk in and out about your memories and fantasies.

4. Drinks?
This one should be the best time ever spent together. Go crazy. Play games, feel nuts, and share your secrets and let her share all of her guilty pleasures, out loud with all you XX chromosomes. Plan for a clubbing. Imagine the after effects of a hangover the next day waking up in weird dresses and (what the hell happened memories).


5. Tripping trip
Has she been wanting to go for a vacation, for a very long time? Did she or did she not tell you the name? My friend, it is just the right time to go out and make the most of the fun time possible. But ALWAYS remember – wherever you go, whatever you do, should never be shared outside the group of people who were involved in the trip. *evil grin*

6. Music or movie
Is she the biggest fan of any music band or is she one of the movie freak you have seen in your life. Surprise her. Give her the shock of her life, by arranging a movie night of her all-time favorite movie or thrill her by taking her to her favorite music band concert (if possible!). Followed by a karaoke night where she can sing her hoarse voice till your ear starts bleeding!

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