Top 7 BB creams for oily skin available in India
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Top 7 BB creams for oily skin available in India


Patchy, uneven skin tone is a negative score on the beauty scale, and on top of that oily skin makes anyone look much duller. Girls who have oily skin refrain themselves from wearing make-up as it wears off very quickly. Therefore they had to stick to predominant style of makeup, that is, kajal, mascara and lipstick. An experiment with looks seems to be next to impossible. This turns off mood for any kind of casual outing, date or dinner.

Here we list some of BB creams that are available in India And will suit oily skin type.

  1. Colorbar Perfect Match BB cream

The product is best in market especially for people who have oily skin. It comes in a very travel friendly tube and gives a completely matte tone alongwith gives a dewy and satiny feeling to the face giving the ting of freshness and smoothness. It works best on cleaned and moisturized skin as the liquid is little thin and is absorbed by the skin very easily, making it difficult to blend with skin when used it in a raw state. It is available in two different colour tones, that is, vanilla crème and white glow.


2. Oriflame 5-in-1 Skin Dream BB Cream

For “on the round” girls, this BB cream is a genuine help, as it takes care of your skin in 5 different ways. It moisturizes hydrates, protects from sun, gives the flawless make up look and treats blemishes as well. It has a decent consistency and easily blends with the skin. It does well with minor scars and pigmentation but can’t cover prominent marks. In winters the coverage is absolutely perfect but in summers powder is needed on the T-zone. This BB cream is available in three different skin tones.

3. The Body Shop Tea Tree Flawless BB Cream

Tea tree is best known agent for healthy skin and has versatile impact on the skin. The Body Shop Tea Tree Flawless Bb cream comes in three different skin tones and the packaging is travel friendly. It removes impurities and absorbs extra oil of the skin and covers blemishes instantly. It is light weight, doesn’t let you feel any heaviness and makes you have a perfect day. It gives you a shine-free complexion.

Top 7 BB creams for oily skin available in India

4. Maybelline ClearGlow Bright Benefit

Maybelline offers you the most economic range of BB cream. Although it may not be the first preference for BB cream lovers but it is definitely the first for first timers. Light base creams, instantly brightening the face. Feels light and stays on for 6-8 hours easily. This product is available in three different shades.

5. Rimmel  London 9-in-1 BB Cream

This is another superb BB cream which is handy and easy to use. This has three variants of colour and you need a small quality for application. A small drop is enough to cover the whole face, although the consistency is thick but that is not felt when it is applied. As per the  name 9-in-1 BB cream , here are the qualities of the cream primer, moisture, pore minimiser, concealer, covers, smoother, brightens, and protects for UV rays.


6. MAC Prep & Prime BB Cream SPF 35

If Mac has been your dream brand then go ahead and use it. It has a fruity smell. Easily gets absorbed in the skin and feels weightless. Small quantity is enough to cover complete face and neck. People can’t guess that you are with makeup. The only drawback is the presence of silicon in this which can cause breakouts, so have trial before buying it.

7. Spawake BB Moisture Fresh BB Cream

Oily skin problem, then Spawake is a solution to your skin. With the advantage of sunshield, it acts as concealer as well as a perfect make up base. Easily blends with the skin giving a dewy effect. Stays on perfectly for 4-5 hours and is available in two shades.

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