Makeup tips for dark skin tones
Makeup Tips

Makeup Tips fo dark skin tones


Most of the makeup products suit fair skin tones well but matching them with dark skin gives tough time. Dark skinned beauties should spend some time and choose products with extreme care and with few tips they can look gorgeous. Here I’m sharing of such tips which might be helpful to you.

Makeup tips for dark skin tones


Usually dark skinned ladies have uneven skin tone due to uneven distribution of melanin. They have darker forehead and lighter center and so choosing foundations in multiple shades is advised to get even looking natural look. While applying foundation, it is important to create seamless finish and gradual transition from lighter part of your face towards the darker part. To enhance the lighter part of your face you can choose to use tinted or sheer foundation as well. Try using copper bronzer for forehead. Don’t just forget to blend it well. This will help create transition between the shades on your face.

Makeup tips for dark skin tonesYou have two skin tones, darker and lighter; and we are trying to get a single skin tone from these two. You must be choosing the darker skin tone but we want you to choose a shade somewhere between these two and apply it all over the face for natural look.  Try liquid or smooth foundation; go for water based foundation over oil based. If you have much pigmentation, then avoid orange based products. Choose a good concealer since it is essential for your eyes. Never go for a foundation shade lighter than your skin tone by which we mean the lightest skin tone on your face. Always remember that dark skin tone usually shows makeup coatings than looking natural. So it is essential to put some extra care while blending it.

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Stay away from all those contrasting colors like pale nudes; else you will end up looking sick. No one with dark skin tone would prefer to wear a light shade on lips. If you still want to wear a nude shade, then choose a color close to your skin tone. Orangy shades and brownish shades will give you that look. But to look your best, go for deep shades like plums, deep reds, wines, etc. Glossy lips are the new trend. Instead of using those regular lip liners, try using a brush and line your lips with a natural shade of blush since this keeps the gloss in place. Now apply a gloss to your lips. You should try deep red lipstick shades.



If you have black eyes, then you are lucky to wear any color but if you have dark brown or hazel eyes, complement your skin tone with deep shades of purple. This looks so good on you ladies. Moreover you can wear gold and bronze tones perfectly than fair ladies. This can give you natural yet seductive look making you look gorgeous overall. You can try all those deep and rich shades like forest green, navy blue, etc. Try soft earth tones on lids sine they complement your skin tone the best. You should try shimmery bronze shades, metallic shades, brick shades, deep purples, copper, prunes, burgundy, etc.

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For you cheeks, avoid bright shades like red, orange and fuschia totally. Always stick to neutral colors since they give you natural yet stunning looks. Try bronzer in place of blush since this will some definition to your face. You should try bronze shades, dark crimson and brick shades.


Most of the colors look good on your nails but try dark shades to give them attractive look. Earthy browns, dark chocolate colors, deep reds, oranges, purples, silver, gold, metallic, etc. look great. Avoid mute and mundane shades.


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