How to fix a broken compact
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How To Fix A Broken Compact

Have you ever faced problems with broken compact powder before? You have spent so much of your hard earned money and it broke giving you a heart break. It happens very often with us especially when you are travelling with your compact powders. It also happens to those when you handle things poorly and that compact slips down from your hand. Not only compact powder but this also happens to your bronzers, blushes, eye shadow palettes, etc. What should you do in this case?


Many ladies adjust with it and use it that way carefully or some just throw it away but this is there any solution to fix it? Yes, of course we have. You can yet again turn the broken pieces into solid one like it used to be before. So, let’s check it now and fix it quickly.

Things Required:

  1. Your broken compact powder, brozer, blush or eye shadow palette
  2. Rubbing alcohol

How to fix a broken compact

Method To Fix It:

  1. First of all you need your broken compact. It could be any of your makeup ,your compact powder, bronzer, eye shadow palette or even your blush.
  2. Next wrap the compact with a clean cover tightly and using any sharp tool just mash the entire product into powder properly. You are doing so because later you need to mix it well into paste.
  3. Take out the compact powder completely onto a clean newspaper or anything else you may prefer with the help of a toothpick. It will come out in chunks since it is already broken. You can now take this carefully into a clean bowl.
  4. Now add some rubbing alcohol to it and leave it till this becomes paste and gets absorbed properly. Add in small amount so that you don’t make the consistency runny.
  5. Now just mix, mix and mix well with your finger. It should be thick paste.
  6. Now take this back into the compact container and press the paste tightly into it. Smoothen it as much as you can. You can use the side of a knife to smoothen it properly.
  7. Now leave the compact so overnight letting the alcohol evaporate completely.
  8. The next day you can see that the alcohol has evaporated completely and the powder has set into perfect shape and is ready to use. The alcoholic smell is also no more to feel awkward.


This technique is a savior and works perfectly. You just need to be careful on how much you add and how well you smoothen it in the container. There is one more tip you may like to try. If you have loose powder and you want it in the solid form, then this trick works well to solidify it. You just need to follow the same steps to convert into solid form but just skip the second step of wrapping the powder and mashing it finely.

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This happened to me as well once with my Lakme Radiance compact powder which was broken by my mother. Somehow she has just put excess pressure while swiping the puff over over it and just broke it and yes, this trick definitely worked. All I did is just asked my mum to break it more to make fine powder. She was shocked to hear that but later she understood what I did with it and gifted it her back.

Next time if you break your makeup products, fix it with this trick unless the powder fell on the floor. Please if that happens, never take the product from the dirty floor to fix it. In this case there’s no trick to save your product but you just have to throw it away.

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