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How To Apply Makeup in 5 Minutes

Mornings usually tend to be hurrying . We have so much of work to do before leaving house. Working women know the struggle better. Even the college students face it. So, here are simple makeup tricks and tutorial to get your makeup done in just 5 minutes.

1. The Basic Things

To get your makeup perfectly, you should first make sure you follow a healthy skin care regime religiously or not. Do the cleansing, scrubbing, toning, moisturizing and facials.

2. Cleansing, Moisturizing and Sunscreen

Apply Makeup in 5 min

Whatever may happen, you should never skip this. Make sure your skin is clean. However in the mornings, you take bath, so your skin might be clean now. Next you need to moisturize your skin and leave it on the skin for some time before you start your makeup. Don’t forget to moisturize your lips as well. We recommend Maybelline lip balms. Then apply the sunscreen and again leave it for some more time.

3. Concealer

Apply Makeup in 5 min

If you have dark circles, conceal where required. Cover your dark circles and the dark areas on your face quickly. Use a beauty blender. It helps greatly in doing so. Make sure to choose the right shade for you. It should be little lighter than your skin tone.

4. BB Stick or Sheer Foundation

Apply Makeup in 5 min

Get a good BB stick or a sheer foundation which is easy to apply. BB creams and sticks are widely used for regular usage these days. Apply it well and blend using your finger tips or a beauty blender. We find Maybelline’s Dream Matte Mousse and Maybelline BB stick are good ones but you can use the one that suits you well.

5. Mascara

Apply Makeup in 5 min

Grab good mascara and a work on your eye lashes from the roots to the tips carefully. Since you are in hurry, you are doing the minimal yet best. So, forget the lower lashes and apply only to the upper lashes.


6. Eye Liner or Kohl

If you are good at using liquid liners, then gran grab else go for gel liner which is easy to apply and looks great. You can even use kohls which much preferred for daily use. We recommend Maybelline Colossal kajal and Lakme kohls. It glides on the lids easily and stays for good few hours as well.

7. Blush

Apply Makeup in 5 min

Do not experiment with new shades now. Pick the one which will definitely suit you well and stays long as well. Apply them over the cheekbones and you are done. If you use blushers rarely and not regularly, then this step is optional for you. You need it only if you think you can’t go out without it. It is for those addicted to blushers.

8. Lipstick or Lip Gloss

Apply Makeup in 5 min

Grab the shade that suits you well and apply it directly followed by a clear gloss. If you are a glossy girl, then skip the lipstick and just apply a tinted gloss instead.

Few Tips:

  1. Since you are in hurry, you shouldn’t experiment with new shades and new products. You must have your list of products which you can wear without thinking much. They suit you perfectly.
  2. When you are running out of time, keep the makeup to minimal. The products we have listed above are essential to keep you look best.
  3. You can skip blusher since it optional. You can however use few more which you like such as a bronzer or highlighter, lip liner, etc. if time permit.


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