How to apply eyeliner perfectly
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How to Apply Eyeliner Perfectly


Eyeliner is something without which makeup looks incomplete. There are different types of liners and different techniques to apply the same. You liner brush can give you different types of looks.

Beginners usually get it all wrong with the eye liners and so pencil liners are best suitable for them since they are quite easy to apply . Later on you can shift to liquid liners. Few prefer holding their eyelid with fingertip which is found to be easier compared to others while few keep the eye slightly open. Today’s we will check how to apply eyeliner perfectly on the upper lash line and  few other tips.

How to apply eyeliner perfectly

Types of Eyeliners

  1. Pencil Liners: They are matte and don’t stay long but these are very easy to apply and require very less time. Use them for regular use or when you are in hurry and of course if you are a beginner.
  2. Liquid Eyeliners: To create dramatic eyes, prefer it. It looks shiny and gives bold look. Best suitable for party looks but these are the hardest to apply.
  3. Gel Liners: It stays long and creates good dramatic eyes as well. It gives perfect look and is also easy to apply.

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Picking the Color

  1. Brown: If you have brown pupils then you have only one choice of color which is black. Brown will only make you look sick. Prefer colors only if you have dark brown eyes.
  2. Green: If your pupils are light green then black will look great on you but if they are dark green then you must avoid green. Get more earthy shade of brown else just prefer gray.
  3. Blue: You too have limited shades to pick up. Black is the color to brighten up your eyes but the same won’t work for dark blue eyes. In such a case, get gray liners.
  4. Hazel: If you want to look more green then prefer green liners and if you want to look more brown, then go for brown shades. And obviously black will look great on you.
  5. Black: This is the color which most of the Indians have and you are lucky if you too have them since you can play easily with any color you want. Everything fits you well.


How to Apply

Step – 1:

Apply a suitable concealer on your eyelid. It will make your makeup last long. Use a simple eye pencil to shadow the eye lid to avoid making it look blank and blunt.

Step – 2:

Close the eyelid and put your finger tip over it. Drag it tightly downwards slightly and look into the mirror with the other eye. Start right at the innermost corner of your eyelid following the rim line and drag your eyeliner slowly. Start with a thin line instead of trying to get a thick or broad line.

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Step – 3:

So you are done with the upper rim line. Now start with your lower rim line. Start at the out end of your eyelid now and carefully drag the brush inwards. You actually no need to start at the outer edge only. Based on your comfort, you can apply it.

How to apply eyeliner perfectly

Step – 4:

You’ve applied the eyeliner successfully but the look is incomplete yet. Get a kajal or kohl now.

You can try any of these looks given below.

  1. Extend the line like a tail.
  2. If you are applying the liner on the lower lash line, then you can extend both ends and join them together making into a tail.

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Things to Avoid

  1. Before purchasing eyeliner, check its brush or applicator. Make sure it is thin and not thick. If your brush isn’t good, it will almost equal to impossible to get a thin line.
  2. The consistency of the liquid liners should be slightly runny but not too runny else you will end up making raccoon eyes.
  3. Never blink your eyes while applying. Make sure you keep it closed all the way while applying.
  4. Keep it closed till it dries or just keep looking downwards else your efforts may go waste.

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