10 makeup mistakes we generally do
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10 Basic Makeup Mistakes Women Make


Do you think you wear your makeup right way…?? Lets check out some basic makeup mistakes that generally almost everyone of us do,, even the expert makeup artists do it sometime… If you don’t carry your makeup well, even the slightest of the mistake of ill brow shaping to the over harshly lined lip can make you look aged and make you look someone you are not.. So,, girls lets check out some important makeup tips:

1.Choosing the wrong foundation:

10 makeup mistakes we generally do

The most important and probably the vital element for a good make up is the selection of a proper    foundation tone for your skin. The actual work of foundation is to cover up the flaws from your face, smoothen your complexion and just create an even tone all over.. Choosing a brighter foundation for a darker skin would turn up a blunder and would appear artificial on your skin.

2. Applying makeup on dry skin:

10 makeup mistakes we generally do

Applying the foundation over dry skin, betones the flakes over the skin and instead of hiding the pores under your skin, it actually begins to highlight them by developing a uneven layer over the skin. Thus, it is very important to first hydrate your skin well by fixing it up with the help of a rich moisturizer.

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3. Skipping the eye makeup:

One of the mistakes that we do is to skip the eye makeup.. People apply the full finished makeup evenly on the face, skipping the eye makeup, which gives a imperfect and unfinished touch.. No matter how perfect you would have applied the face makeup, but the eye makeup stands to give the final finish to the look.

4. Wearing blue eye shadow:

10 makeup mistakes we generally do

No, no ,no…!! Blue eye shadows are now an outdated fashion  and generally carried only when there is  a mid 90’s theme party…!! so, girls if you are carrying it just because you like it on any odd day, then believe me you are showing up a retro look, which is  a turn off on any general day..

5. Applying wrong blush on shade :

10 makeup mistakes we generally do

A blush on your face adds energy and glow, but women refrain wearing it and choose some brown color for it if. In order to appear it natural, wearing brown actually makes your face look dull and muddy, taking away the brightness off your face.

6. Too much of the liner..!

Girls go crazy about the liners and just puff their eyes full with thick black liner.. Its good to wear liner, it is yes a makeup element, but a makeup that actually hides your natural looks and features are a turn off as the makeup experts say..


7. Over loaded mascara:

Putting up mascara over mascara is a common makeup error, ones it dries up, people apply a second layer to it resulting in a spiky eyelashes, that are not actually required but is considered to be a makeup glitch.

10 makeup mistakes we generally do

8. Over of luminizing products:

These days, almost in all the makeup products the luminous products are inherently added into it so that your skin gets the sparkle and glow through them itself. Applying external luminous products over the face after applying the perfect makeup already, results in turning your skin too much of oily. You will observe that after a certain amount of time after wearing this makeup, your face would begin to sweat up high which is unwanted.

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9. Too much of the eye shadow:

Its always good to do something moderate rather than doing the extremes because these extremes could work blunders or work out to the most simple. People either end up applying a very minute eye shadow or too much of it, and both the cases are unwanted.

10 makeup mistakes we generally do

10. Using an eye brow pencil:

Yes,, it is also a makeup mistake as experts say. Girls generally forget that while filling up their eyebrows, they overfill it and give their face an overall sticky and too much intense of the look.. Applying too much of it also absorbs all of the light from the face, and indirectly thus makes your face appear dark, which is actually unwanted.


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