Top 7 Bridal Make-up Artists in Kolkata
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Top 7 Bridal Make-up Artists in Kolkata


Bridal make-up is an art. And you should definitely rely only on a good artist for your D-Day. There are a few great bridal makeup artists who have carved out their art so beautifully that it would leave us mesmerized. We have seen some of the most beautiful brides donning their art with so much of poise and confidence and with a feeling of superiority that has been endowed on them for the occasion. Here, we are revealing for you top 7 Make-up artists in Kolkata. So, in case you are a bride from Kolkata or are planning a Bengali wedding you must contact either of these kings or queens of industry.

Nabin Das

The first name that came to us on our extensive search is of Nabin Das. Nabin Das is a very well-known and respected name at Kolkata. Almost everyone in beauty and make-up industry at Kolkata would be aware about him. He has his own signature styles and looks. He can give a complete transformation to a bride on any occasion. His signature look that one can notice with all the bridal make-ups that he does is bright eyes with dash of glitter favoring slight pink or peach glossy pout.


Ujjwal Debnath

Ujjwal Debnath is a young man who is another sought after name in Kolkata for Bridal Make-up. He gives a perfect classy and elegant look to you on your big day. Abhijit follows all the latest trends in bridal make-up from worldwide. He makes sure that the bride looks beautiful yet natural on her special day.

Kakoli Sengupta

Well, it is not just a men business here. There is also this pretty lady who casts out the magic on bride with her sense of make-up. Kakoli Sengupta used to be assistant of famous makeup maestro Prabir De. After Sir Prabir De passed away she started working individually. Within a short span of time she has managed to bas a lot of fame for her art of bridal make-up.

Abhijit Chanda

Abhijit Chanda has a credible name when it comes to Bridal Make-up. He has his unique styles and believes in less is more. He has also done make-up for Konkona Sen Sharma. He works more for soft and natural looks. Apart from all this, when we see final results of bridal make-up done by him they leave us mesmerized.


Abhijit Paul

Abhijit Paul is new and fresh aspiring new face in bridal make-up industry. But, this does not at all mean that his make-up is lacking anything. He has got an eye for perfection. He would carve out the classic bridal look for you and the glamourous Reception look too for your wedding.

Arpita Ganguly

Arpita is well-known name in Make-up industry. She has many times been on top of local newspapers and magazines for her work. She has 8 years of experience in the make-up world and is trained under many well-known names of make-up industry from India. She understands the as well as basics of the Make-up.

Aniruddha Chakladar

Aniruddha Chakladar is yet another well-known name in bridal make-up. There are many beautiful brides recommending his name and many other credits to talk about his work. His signature styles are Kohl eyes and nude lips as goes according to your look and preferences. The magic he creates with bridal make-up is simply magnificent.


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