Palladio Lipstick In Flame shade price ,review
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Palladio Lipstick In Flame shade Review


Hey lovelies!

This time you’ll be happy to read the review of Palladio lipstick in flame shade. It is different from the rest because of its pale red shade. The shade is away from bold red lip color and gives a festive feel. Moreover, it goes with all of your dresses, be it ethnic or a western wear.

Palladio Lipstick In Flame shade price ,review

Palladio Lipstick In Flame shade price ,review

It has little shimmer added to it but to my surprise it wears off along with the lip color. It will not cling to your lips even when the lipstick wears off. One more added feature is that it’s herbal so it’s safe for your lips and keeps them soft and moist for long.

I also like the packaging that is not done in any of the shocking color. Instead a very subtle silver color cover is there to protect the inner lip color. The cap secures tightly with a click sound. The brand name is engraved with silver color on the cover and shade is given at the top of the cover. The shade of the lipstick is given at the bottom of the cover so it’s easy for you to identify it from the rest.


Price: Rs 650 for 3.7 g

Where you can buy Here

Key Ingredients: Not given

Directions for use:

As this one is herbal so it will keep your lips moist and healthy so you can miss out your lip balm. For that extra shine, you can use little gloss on this color if you wish to.

Palladio Lipstick In Flame shade price ,review

Palladio Lipstick In Flame shade price ,review

Shelf Life: Not mentioned

Why you should go for Palladio Lipstick in Flame shade?

You should grab on this color as it leaves a nice and light red shade with a hint of shimmer on your lips. This Flame shade can be used while you are going to office or just meeting up with your friends. Just apply it and step out with all that glamour on your face.

It gives you a creamy texture and remains smooth on your lips. There is no need of using a lip balm to keep your lips moist. It stays for 2 hours after munching and snacking. It’s herbal so it keeps the skin of your lips soft and supple.


The beauty of this shade is that it appears dark from inside but when you apply it, it turns out to be light. This brand comes in 33 shades which are huge and all of them are pretty in every sense.

So this season, just grab this one, flaunt it in the most stylish way beauties!

Palladio Lipstick In Flame shade price ,review

Palladio Lipstick In Flame shade swatch


  • Smooth texture
  • Pretty color, wear in daily routine
  • Herbal, safe for lips
  • Keeps skin moist
  • Reasonable price
  • Comes in an attractive cover
  • Secure cap lock with click system


  • Do not use on pigmented lips as color might not suit the texture
  • Staying power is average
  • Expiry date is not mentioned
  • Ingredients are not given anywhere

Rating: 3/5


One Comment

  • Sangeeta

    A lot of times lipsticks outside cellophane cover has the expiry date. You tear it and throw away to use the product and you end up not knowing the expiry. This seems worse, no mention of it.

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