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Top 8 Kareena Kapoor Hairstyles


Kareena Kapoor is a style Diva of Bollywood. There would be hardly any instances that this beautiful lady has gone out of style and fashion ever caught on camera. She is always gorgeous, fresh and flawlessly beautiful no matter when. Since the beginning of her career Kareena has made it clear with her appearances that she is going to rule hearts of millions with her looks. One thing that is interesting to know about Kareena is her ever changing hairstyles. She has always experimented with her hairstyles and have looked equally awesome in all of them. Let’s have a look at her top 10 hairstyles that we have loved a lot and many a times tried to copy them too.


Kareena kapoor Bun hairstyle

Kareena kapoor Bun hairstyle


Kareena kapoor Bun hairstyle

Kareena kapoor Bun hairstyle Kareena kapoor Bun hairstyle , messy bun

There would be very few actresses in Bollywood that have the guts to flaunt out buns gracefully and still mesmerize use with her appearances. Kareena is one of those pretty faces who does not need to highlight her hair in her look. She has a very beautiful face and always fresh face. So she can wear buns so perfectly whenever she does.  

Blow Dry Hair      

Kareena kapoor blow dried hair Kareena kapoor blow dried hair Kareena kapoor curls hairstyleoor

Kareena looks so beautiful when she is wearing a blow dry hair style. Its effortless and at the same time so glamourous.

Messy Braids       

Kareena kapoor messy braid

[777]Kareena kapoor messy braid

Messy braids look cute and great for anyone. And the best part they are great to go along with any type of attire. One would never need to worry as they are elegant enough on their own. But Kareena Kapoor makes style statement with them.

Simple Straight      

Kareena kapoor sleek straight hair Kareena kapoor sleek straight hair   

Kareena is sure to give anyone major hair style goals. She herself has tried out so many different looks with her hair. And she manages to look awesome with all of them. One such Kareena trademark look is her straight hair look. You would notice how she looks so perfect with the hairstyle.


Kareena kapcurls hairstyleoor Kareena kapoor curls hairstyleoor Kareena kapcurls hairstyleoor

She also Sizzles floor with her Curls. It is may be because the great texture of her hair that gives her hair a glow. These curly locks got a lot of admiration from her fans.


Kareena kapoor sleek straight hair in layers Kareena kapoor sleek straight hair in layers

Layered hair looks good on almost every girl. Also layered hairstyle gets advantage when it gets on long hair. For Kareens Kapoor too layers have managed to give her that X factor in looks that she has always donned with other hairstyles.

Pony Tail      

Kareena kapoor ponytail Kareena kapoor ponytail

Experimenting with hairstyles is very normal for Kareena. Someday she would like to keep it simple while on others she plans out something special. But no matter what hairstyle she picks she is going to be center of attraction because of that hairstyle and her undying style quotient. She is often seen donning pony tails with grace and giving her sharp looks with them.

Puff Hair      

Kareena kapoor puff hairsty Kareena kapoor puff hairsty

This is a rare look from Kareena but though whenever she wears a puff hair she looks amazing. There were a few instances when gracefully wore puffed hair like this.


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