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6 Best Hairstyles For This Monsoon


With advent of monsoon season, all seems good except your hair. They are marred by the humid weather and rains which bring along limp hair and lot of hairfall too. Along with proper oiling and cleaning of the hair, you need some apt hairstyles that will prove good for your hair this rainy season. You will add a spark to your personality with these lovely hairstyles too.

Hairstyle#1: Side Braided Ponytail

Side Braided ponytail for monsoons

This is a good way to give hot and humid weather a toss and your hair will be tied in a stylish way as well. This looks smart as this replaces your plain, simple ponytail with an enhanced version. Try this out and look fantastic.


Hairstyle#2: Ballerina Bun

Ballerina Bun for monsoons

A nice bun always saves you from a lot of sweating and you will get a smart look as well. During monsoon season it is very important to keep your hair dry and tied in a loose knot. Sport this smart bun on the top with a twist and see those heads turning for you

Hairstyle#3: Roll and tuck

Roll and tuck hairstyle for monsoons

Those who have curly hair can try out this amazing hairstyle. Just do the deep side parting and gather some hair from the side. Then take the back hair and tie them in a low ponytail. Now take side hair and start braiding them nicely. Then tuck the ends of this braid into the ponytail and secure them with a ponytail. You can also opt for a bun instead of a ponytail. This is a very neat hairstyle and party friendly too.

Hairstyle#4: Mermaid or Milk maid braid

Milk maid braid hairstyle for monsoons


This braid is for all face types as it gives you a royal look with any outfit that you wear. It is easier for long tresses as longer the hair, lovely the braid will look. Just brush your hair and take the middle parting. Start making three strand braid on both the sides and secure them with elastic bands. Then drape these two braids across your forehead in opposite directions. You can also decorate it with lovely flowers on one side to get that look of a princess.

Hairstyle#5: Fishtail braid

Fishtail braid For Monsoons

This braid is very popular these days as it is easy to make and stays intact for long. Just make a low ponytail to bring your hair together and then make small and thin braids out of it. Once many braids are churned out then ties them up in a normal three strand braid. This gives a nice and smooth texture to your hair and respite from heat as well.

Hairstyle#6: Messy French twist bun

Messy French twist bun hairstyle for monsoon

French twist buns are very smart and stylish but they need your little time and effort too. Backcomb your hair first and then start rolling from the ends one side hair. Then once you reach at the roots, tuck this roll with bobby pins. Then take another side and repeat the same. Tuck this part over the already rolled section and secure it with bobby pins. Your chic messy bun is ready and you can take out few strands from the front as well to give it a stylish look.

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