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Does Onion Help Hair Growth ?

Do you look at your hair more than at yourself? Are you going through the depression time on – Hair Loss? The problem of hair loss is quite common, especially at this point of weather. It is said every day on a normal rate we lose at least 50 to 100 strands, however, if it is more than that then it should concern you. Out of all ingredients available in the kitchen, one of the most essentials of them is – Onion. For hair growth, onion is completely safe and has no side effects nor has any allergy symptoms. Why would you use any harsh product when your one stop solution is ready available?


A key reason for hair loss stands for stress, lack of sleep, not having proper nourishment, unhealthy diet and sometime hormonal changes. Since onion is rich in sulphur, which is extremely good for hair growth, prevents hair breakage and also increase the density.

Would it really help?
I know, as much it sounds strange but trust me, it is indeed from a personal experience. The amount of everyday stress that we go through; and the way we don’t pay heed to the required attention we need for our hair – It is definite that we will have an innumerable kind of hair problem.
Onion is known to be a natural remedy and has been used for a very long time. First of all, it is cheap, safe and healthiest way to keep our hair growth right – Also it saves money than visiting the spa! Scientific reasons incline that onion helps wonder on problem such as dandruff, fungal infection, yeast infection, and last but not the least – pre maturing of greying of hair!
Thus, using onion juice is highly suggested as the best remedy for hair growth.

Does Onion Help Hair Growth ?
We recommend you some simple steps for long nourished hair – straight from the vegetable basket of your kitchen.
Read on!

Try an onion hair pack
Just chop an onion into fine small pieces and squeeze enough to get the maximum juice out of it. Apply to your scalp and leave it on for about 15 – 20 minutes. Post dry, wash it with a mild shampoo and pat dry your hair.

We all know how honey is an excellent conditioner for us. However, if we add onion and honey together, it will be wonder to your hair.  For a healthy hair, a combination of the two is quite lethal. Just take the juice out of the chopped onion and add 1 tablespoon of honey to it. Blend it well. One prefers to use the mixture to the scalp, but you can also drink it. If you don’t like the smell then use it as suggested and rinse with shampoo and dry your hair.

One can add lemon juice with onion juice and apply on their hair, proceed with the same instructions like above.


If you just do not like the smell then in that case you may add rose water and also some essential oil to the mixture and apply. These are natural cure to hair growth.

One of the finest ways of using onion juice to your scalp is to soak finned chopped onion in a glass of rum overnight! On the next day, strain the mixture and remove the onions and use it. Massage your scalp with the same and rinse off with shampoo and cold water.

Include onion more on your diet
Try having as much salad you can with lots of onion in it. Consuming daily, it not only helps you with hair growth, but also helps in digestion. Although please note, adding onions in your diet plan will not work fast but obviously will help you as support to your healthy diet.


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