DIY Banana Hair Mask for Beautiful hair
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DIY Banana Hair Masks for Beautiful hair


Tired with dull, frizzy hair? Have you used enough chemicals to revamp your hair but had been unsuccessful, then move towards all natural homemade remedy that can give you lustrous hair. Banana is s rich source of potassium, zinc and manganese; and in addition to that it contains various vitamins. The presence of all these nutrients helps to strengthens hair which avoids breakage, tangled hair and frizz.

A fine puree of banana can be obtained by proper mashing of banana and then straining it from strainer so that small lumps and seeds are thrown away, as these particles keep sticking to hair giving it a look of dandruff.

DIY Banana Hair Mask for Beautiful hair

  1. Mashed banana and honey

Banana and honey are well known agent of smoothening, it locks the moisture into the hair. The puree of banana and honey should be applied to the lengths of the hair and shower cap should be worn over it. Let the puree settled into your hair for about 20-25 minutes. Then wash your hair with mild shampoo.


  1. Mashed banana and coconut milk

Coconut milk has diverse effect on the hair. It reduces baldness, a natural detangling reagent and actives the scalp for new hair growth. The mixture of mashed banana and coconut milk gives shine to hair and strengthen the hair from root to tip. This mixture is applied on the roots as well as onto the length of the hair. After application of the mixture on to the hair don’t forget to cover it with the shower cap and later wash it wild mild shampoo.

  1. Mashed banana and glycerine

Glycerine is the best conditioner for hair. Have a mixture of glycerine and water in a ratio of 80:20 in a spray bottle. Dampen your hair using the spray. Comb the hair and if it feels that the hair needs few sprays more, then spray it onto your hair. The applying the banana puree and cover your hair using shower cap and rest procedure is the same.

  1. Mashed banana and Avocado

Avocado is the old Egyptian remedy for shiny, beautiful hair. It promotes hair growth, prevent hair loss, add shine and lustre to the hair. Mashed avocado and banana can be a real boost to hair. Half indigenous and half Egyptian way to nurture hair will do miracles. This mixture is needs to be done with a help of mixture otherwise these two won’t blend properly and then washing it off would be tiresome. And after the mixture is prepared don’t forget to strain the mixture.


  1. Mashed banana, fresh cream and olive oil

Uses of olive oil are known all around the world. Fresh cream smoothens hair, making is shiny and bouncy. When the three ingredients are mixed together and applied over the hair, the resultant is beautiful, shiny hair. This hair mask is best for dry hair, and consistent use of this mask restores moistures and shine.

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