Best Budget Hair Straighteners In India
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Best Budget Hair Straighteners In India


We are all blessed with unique and different hair and hair textures but today changing the texture or color of your hair- temporarily or permanently, is not a problem anymore. Girls with curly or wavy hair want poker straight hair and girls with straight hair want curly hair. As girls, we are never satisfied.  So, if you are a curly haired girl reading this, we have a list of hair straighteners you can buy (depending on your budget) and have the best of both worlds- curly and straight.  

Girls with curly hair, when they have bad hair days there is nothing which will rescue your hair except the perfect hair straightener. The Indian market is flooded with various kinds of hair straighteners from local to high-end brands. How do you know which one to buy? If budget is a problem, then we have listed a few best budget friendly hair straighteners. Have a look!

Philips HP8304 Hair Straightener  


Price- INR 1245

Philips is one of the most trust brands in India. This Philips product comes in a sleek plum packaging with a decent plate size of 19×85 mm. It has infused ceramic plates for super smooth straight hair. This hair straightener works wonders on short and medium length hair. It doesn’t even take very long to heat up, only about 60 seconds.

Nova NHS-873 Hair Straightener

Price- INR 1595

This product has a triple protection formula which tends to give extra smooth and shiny hair. It has a temperature control switch, so you can control the temperature according to your needs.  It comes with a 6 months warranty.

Vega VHSH-01 Hair Straightener

Price- INR 1399

This Vega hair straightener comes in a pretty pink packaging is lightweight and very compact, come with dual voltage hence, making it very travel-friendly. This straightener claims to come to ceramic plates that preserve the moisture within the hair. This product works on all lengths of hair


Remington S2002 Ceramic Hair Straightener

Price- INR 1499

The Remington S2002 Ceramic hair straighteners come with pearl ceramic Teflon coating which gives the hair a smooth and silky effect. This product has super slim plates which heat up in no time! The best thing about this straightener is that it has a temperature regulator; you can select the temperature according to your needs this helps you reduce hair damage or burn which can be caused due to higher temperatures.

Philips Kera Shine HP 8316 Hair Straightener

Price- INR 2000

The Philips Kera Shine hair straightener does a great job at suppressing frizzy hair and leaves your hair feeling smooth and silky! This product has large sized plates which make straightening long hair so much easier. The most amazing thing about this straightener is the ceramic kera shine coated plates, which heat up in less than 30 seconds. The second most amazing thing about this product is that it has an auto shut off function, yes you heard us right! It will automatically switch off if left on for more than 60 seconds unattended.  Isn’t it a dream come true?

Written by Tanisha Diwan

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