10 Essential Winter Hair Care Tips
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10 Essential Winter Hair Care Tips


There are so many things you love about winters-the stylish clothes, over sized sweaters, boots and the long coats. But do you girls realize the toll it takes on our hair and skin? Dry hair, split ends, hair fall, frizzy hair, brittle hair, etc. Hence, it is very important to avoid these hair issues before it turns into a serious problem. Start taking care of your gorgeous tresses before they get too damaged.

We have put together a list of things you can avoid any kind of hair problems and these will leave you with shiny and bouncy hair: 

1) First and the most important point to keep in mind is that when you wash your hair, wash with warm or cold water and avoid hot water. We know how much you all love to have a hot water baths in the cold winters’ day but avoid it as much as possible. 

2) Try and avoid shampooing your hair often and after every time you shampoo, don’t forget to deep condition your hair. 


3) Champi Time!! Let’s admit it girls that every time our grandmothers wanted to give us a hot oil champi, we ran away from her! But there is nothing that will benefit your hair more than a hot oil massage at least twice a week. 

4) Try and avoid over brushing your hair as it leads to hair fall. 

10 Essential Winter Hair Care Tips

5) Go in for regular trims to keep a check on the health of your hair. Trim your hair every two months for healthy hair. Get a light dusting of the ends of your hair; this is reducing the chances of dry split ends. 

6) To treat any kind of hair problems the second best thing is homemade hair packs. Egg and curd are the best main ingredients for hair packs. Just drinking green tea will not give you all the benefits. Add green tea to your pack and let it work its magic. Include this in your weekly hair care routine. 


7) Keep a tab on your diet. What you eat has big role to play on the health of your hair. Don’t forget to include almonds and lots of green vegetables in your diet and you are good to go. 

8) Keep yourself hydrated. We all have heard every magazine and article tell us to have at least 8 glasses of water every day. This will not only keep your skin glowing but also will help retaining moisture in your hair. 

10 Essential Winter Hair Care Tips

9) Avoid using henna packs on your hair in the winters as they dry your hair. 

10) Winter is the time when your hair tends to get static which is caused by the pullovers, sweaters, scarves, gloves, etc. which in turn leads to frizzy hair. To avoid static hair, wash your hair only and only with lukewarm water and not hot water as it will cause your scalp to dry out. Also, apply a leave-in conditioner for silky smooth hair.

Hope you have a happy hair day!!

Author : Tanisha Diwan

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