Types of Popular Indian Jewelry - Enhance Your Ethnic Wear

Types of Popular Indian Jewelry – Enhance Your Ethnic Wear

Indian Traditional Jewellery is the ornament every bride looks for to enhance their beauty! There are styles galore, each one different from the other and each one resplendent with their own iridescent gleam.  The different types are kundan, meenakari, polki, and so on.

The look of an Indian bride is incomplete without jewelry. It helps to enhance the beauty of the Indian bridal couture.

Before you set out to buy the traditional Indian Jewellery, it is first important to know for what purpose you are buying the same. With so much of choice all around it is difficult to choose the different categories of Indian jewelry available, different kinds cater to different kinds of needs.

While for a typical bridal look you would require ornate and gorgeous jewelry, for a casual day out, you would require something which suits your outfit something subdued and perhaps not too flashy and if you are off to a party, you may choose something understated yet adding the wow factor to your outfit.

If you are still clueless, don’t worry we have listed out several varieties of jewelry that is perfect for different occasions and get bedazzled with a huge collection of jewelry! click here to shop Indian jewelry online.

Different Kinds of Indian Jewelry

While there is a wide variety of jewelry available, here a few that stands out for its beautiful and enriching look.


Kundan jewelry does not come cheap, in fact, it is one of the costliest Indian jewelry forms. The jewelry is encrusted with semi-precious and precious gems and stones that that amalgamates to give an uber fetching look. Kundankari had actually traveled from Rajasthan to Delhi in the Mughal era. Steeped in history, it still exudes a royal charm and is fit for weddings and other royal occasions.


Meenakari jewelry is beautiful, bright and colorful, and appeals to one and all. This enameled jewelry hails from Rajasthan, but the beauty and elegance of the jewelry are enamored by not only everyone in India but also to other parts of the world. The precious stones are set to enameling the pieces with varied heat-resistant shades such as red, white, green, yellow, red, and blue. You will find different variants in designs of flower, fish, peacock, and paisley on the pieces. Some kundan form of jewelry can be found on the backsides.


This innately Indian jewelry hails from Gujarat and Rajasthan. When it comes to jadau jewelry there are varied gems such as ruby, sapphire, pearls and can be found embedded at the time of molten form of gold you will find the polka in the center. The beautiful jadau sets are enjoined with meenakari work.


Lac jewelry also hails from Rajasthan. This jewelry has many takers across the world. You will find lac in different types of ornaments like necklaces, maang tikas, and so on. The lac jewelry is especially popular among would-be brides. You can find lac implemented bangles and they are beautiful and brightly colored and you will find glass on various pieces.


Pachchikam jewelry is also popular among brides. This hails from Kutch and Gujarat. Pachchikam has been there for ages and is back in vogue but in a more fragile form. Pachchikam jewelry is beautiful and is apt for most occasions.


Polki is the uncut version of the diamond. It can be found in the center of the jewelry. It is especially popular in its natural form.

Custom Jewelry

Custom jewelry is customized to perfection to cater to your needs. You may not like the kind of jewelry you see around, so Custom jewelry is something that will give the freedom to the customer about various specifications.

Fashion Jewelry

Fashion jewelry is often confused with costume jewelry, as it is not made of precious metals and stones and is lighter on your pockets so, when you always don’t want to go for expensive jewelry, you can settle for something such as fashion jewelry. Fashion jewelry is trendy and keeps on changing according to your requirements.

Filigree Jewelry

Filigree work is usually found on silver and it requires precision and technicality to make a perfect piece of jewelry. Filigree work is not a modern piece of jewelry but is popular in a number of countries such as Egypt, Italy, and Spain. India too has been enamored with the filigree work from times immemorial.


Handmade jewelry

Handmade jewelry has made a niche for itself in India. Craftsmen make this jewelry with a lot of precision and love.

Ivory Jewelry

This kind of jewelry though not condoned by environmentalists and animal lovers are still found in large numbers in the country and is made up of as the name suggests from the tusk of an elephant and is aptly called ivory jewelry. It is mandatory for many brides to wear a bangle made up of ivory.


Tribal Jewelry

The history of tribal jewelry in India is quite rich. The original format of jewelry design is still retained even today. It is made up of bone,  clay, wood, shells and crude metal, by tribals, is this kind of jewelry certainly holds a characteristic charm.

Temple Jewelry

This kind of jewelry is divided into several kinds of jewelry such as temple jewelry, spiritual jewelry, and bridal jewelry. Temple jewelry was previously designed to adorn the idols of Gods and Goddesses. The chunky necklaces the ornate bangles et al were part of enhancing the beauty of the Gods and Goddesses in the temples, it still is.

Stone Jewelry

Stone jewelry or Gemstone Jewelry is studded with varied gems is popular among a lot of Indians. The reasons that men and women sport different jewelry range for a number of reasons such as spiritual to aesthetic to health and it is great for both Indian women and men. This kind of jewelry is tallied to an individual’s astrological chart or perhaps the ruling of the planet.


So, with the varied kind of jewelry available, it can be quite a task to choose your kind of jewelry, in the end, what you should look at, is your need and whether the jewelry fits the occasion you are wearing it for.

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