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Top Boutiques in Mumbai

Mumbai is known to be the fashion hot spot. Last time we talked about the best designer boutique in Delhi; I am sure you would also like to know which the best boutiques in Mumbai are!


We all know how shopping the best therapy is; that we can indulge ourselves. In Mumbai the best part is that, while wandering the local street, every roadside has some big brand brimming and inviting you in to go crazy shopping. Well not only the high-end brands but also there are local brands with real quality of clothing range to make you high on latest trends.
Well, below are some of the top designer boutiques in Mumbai, that you definitely should take stroll in and perhaps, shop!

1. Vinegar
Address: Kirabo Appartment, 13th Linking road Cross, Bandra East, Mumbai.

About – If you are looking for gold and Silver and of course for clothes, WELL, this is it. Name sounds fun and so does shopping here. You really don’t have to worry about your “burn in your pockets” once you actually visit this place, the place is really cheap in price as compare the material found here.

Vinegar Mumbai - Top Boutiques in Mumbai

Karma Kola
Address: Elavia Apartment, Opp Mini Punjab Restaurant, 33 Road, Bandra West, Mumbai.

About – If you are looking for some international collections, in a budget, then this is it. For all you beautiful women, this is the right place to shop in the market. Karma Koli is a very cute shop (yeah, that’s right!) to walk into and find yourself shopping those latest trends.

Love Me Twice
Address: Crystal Plaza, Ground Floor, Off Link Road, Bandra, Mumbai

About – It’s a very tiny and little store full of all the chick look that you are looking for. The dresses here are imported from Korea, hence, making them budget oriented as well. If you are walking by this store, somehow, we highly recommend you to visit this place. Even it’s for window shopping.


Address: S-57, Off Linking Road, 33rd Road, Bandra West, Mumbai.

About – Well, ofcourse, we have another place in Bandra west, to shop those colourful pallazo pants and those printed tops in geometrical print. If you want to get yourself, a bohemian’s look, then try this place. They have it all; that too in all affordable price.

Big C
Address: 19/20 Crystal Plaza, Near KFC, Off Linking Road, Bandra West, Mumbai.

About – For a shopaholic you, it is quite a solution to one shop place for you. All the material of this place is handpicked and personally sorted from the markets of China, Bangkok – the paradise for shopaholics. It a fun place to shop, if you are looking for a quirky style statement. This place also has collection of accessory and jewellery to please you.

Big C Mumbai

Loose Ends
Address: A.N House, 31st Road, off Linking Road, Bandra, Mumbai

About – The less the better. Don’t we just believe this already now? This place offers wide collection of T-Shirts and some other collections; that you will not believe the price are for. A definite visit to this place for some window shopping and a little this – little that!

Address: Rembrandt, Pali Hill, Nargis Dutt Road, Mumbai

About – This cozy boutique specializes in age, budget and taste of their customer. Straight from Turkey, China and India, they have huge collection of “you name it- you got it”. It is a must visit boutique for this place, since, they have customisation offer as well. Get a picture of the item that you wish to have such as for accessory and bags, and they will get it done for you!


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