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How to look like a star in your SELFIE


Everyone is so obsessed with selfies these days , because it is a fun way to show the world your personality , fashion sense and lot more.  We never get satisfied with photos that other people take , because it is so much fun clicking your own picture. Make it more fun by taking a selfie like a star. Because selfies are not only for ourselves but also for showing off !! These tips will help  you to take good selfies that you’ll be happy to show off !!

 Celebrity selfies

Perfect Light:

A good lighting is very important when you’re taking a selfie , because there is nothing worse than having a shadow cast over your face . This will make your skin & your hair look amazing . Always find out for the perfect light.  Natural sun light is always the best one. It will help minimize your under eye dark circles or any ther dark spots on your face. standing next to a window is also a good option , it will give you a natural , soft look.

 Celebrity selfies

Consider the Angle:

Find out the most flattering angles , Keep clicking multiple pics until you find one & stick to it everytime you click. Dont always take your picture head-on , try out different angles in which you look the best.Holding the camera above your head gives your pictures an artsy feel and will also gives you a chance to  show off your outfit.

Focus on your best feature :

If you smile is your best feature , apply a good lipstick before you click . If you love your eyes , then apply some mascara and a liner , make them look bright . Don’t worry if you couldn’t apply makeup before clicking a picture , you can always do that after taking a picture with the help of Makeup Apps. Choose the best makeup app available from here .

Celebrity selfies

Check your background:

Keep a check on the background is equally  important , because few pictures fail because of a dirty background with piles of clothes , or with a messy bedroom. Always make sure you have a clear background before clicking . If your selfie is  an impromptu one , you can choose your colored walls , textured curtains or even your doors .!!

 Celebrity selfies

Edit before you upload:

Always experiment with different filters. There are many apps available which will provide you with many color & light filters . You can even edit the picture with the help of makeup apps , you can touch up any blemishes or flaws , you can apply a tint of your favourite lipstick color. You can even apply eyeshadow , mascara . There are tons of apps for this purpose


Pose with Something New :

If you have just got a new hair cut , or a new pair of earrings , make sure you picture covers these new features in a way that it highlights them . If it’s your new haircut , you should show you curls from the most flattering angle. If it’s your new pair of earrings , you can take a selfie by holding them which is a fun way to show off.

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Celebrity selfies

Don’t Overdo :

Last but not the least ,  keep your selfie posing to a minimum . Even though it is fun to take a lot of selfies to end up with a good one , you are going to post only 1 or 2 . Believe me if you overdo , you will really get tired of selecting the best one out of those because the more you take, the more pictures you have to choose from .

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