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How to Dress for A Job Interview


We all believe in – Dress to impress. We all know that, by heart! However, we get intense jitters, when we have to get ready for a job interview. Finding ourselves, a very smart dress, the right makeup, perfect hairstyle and of course – the shoes; are some points, we ought to be careful about. There are absolute rules about major do’s and don’ts in regards of how to get ready for a job interview. These are not difficult ones to follow, but are really important and should never be ignored.

Women getting ready for an interview should keep in mind, below useful points are worth a shot.

Dress professionally

How to get ready for a job Interview

The way you dress; speaks volume about your personality. It talks about your professionalism. Don’t overdo your attire. Choose the right cloth for yourself, as per the industry that you have applied for. It will be best to stick to monochrome color code, such like, white, grey, brown, black, blue etc. It works wonders. Not only, they fall into formal colors, but also makes you look smart and confident.

1. You can decide to wear pants or a dress. The choice should be made on what makes you comfortable. One should always, make sure, if they choose to wear pant, then it should not be too tight or too loose. Pants should always be paired with a very nice shirt. One can also wear skirt paired with a dressy blouse, as per their body structure; be careful and not be forceful on yourself.
2. One should never, bring unnecessary attention, to what they wear. It’s your interview, however, wear nothing that should make you look like a wannabe. The main point to be remembered is, whatever, you choose to wear, should be classy, and not wearing anything flashy or revealing. Plunging neckline and excessive tight dresses should be strict no.

Minimal make-up

One of the most important things to keep in mind is to go for as minimum as possible look for an interview. Overdoing your makeup can either make you fool of yourself or get you rejected at the screening time itself. Don’t get scared of this. Just like the way, dressing is important to impress, equally, doing your makeup is also important. With interview in your mind; only one word should come across – Neat!

How to get ready for a job Interview
1. Look fresh, natural and vibrant. This should be the foremost important points, one should be straight about. These point directs your first makeup for the eyes. Keeping a soft look requires – beautifully smudged kohl eyes, neatly shaped eyebrows with no gap (don’t make them artificial). Using of nude eyeliner/eye pencil on your waterline, makes you look radiantly awake.
2. Stick to only neutral lip shades such as peach or light shade of pink for your lips. If you are using, Gloss, please do not over use it. Use Lip Balm to keep it hydrate, to save yourself from the embarrassment of chapped lips.

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3. Choose the best suited foundation for your skin tone. Do make it a point, the foundation should not be visible on your skin. If you are not a foundation user, then applying a very good moisturizer on your face will be the best option.


Perfect Hairstyle

The way you style your hair, will make you look like either you take things seriously or don’t at all. The best way to look presentable is to neatly comb your hair and style it properly. Leaving your long hair or short hair messy, might bring negative impression. We definitely don’t want that!

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1. Oiling your hair properly a day prior is very important. Not only, will it release the tension but also make you feel light. A proper hair wash and deep conditioning, the next day, will make your hair look great.
2. The best way to look presentable is to wear your hair down, keep it out of your face with hairpins. You can also pull back your hair and tie it in a low ponytail, which will definitely make you look thoroughly professional. Another way, to look elegant is to make a French braid or else a high bun.

Last but not the least

How to get ready for a job Interview (2)

1. Your hands and fingers should be neat. Cut short your uneven nails. Remove the nail art. Apply nude color nail paint. Or better, get French manicured.
2. When we talk about shoe selection in terms of a job interview; regardless, of what may be, follow only one rule – Mid heel or a closed toe pump will be the best bet. Open toe or clinking heels should not even come across your mind!!!
3. Carry your documents, wallet and all necessary details properly on your side bag or commonly known as handbag. The perfect look compliments in the end with the right bag that you carry with you.

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All these points above, completes your look and hence, makes you perfectly presentable. However, the most important thing is to wear the right attitude and give the best shot.


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