BIBA's anarkhali suits

Get Your Desi Game On This Summer: Beat the Heat with BIBA’s Summer-friendly Anarkali Suits


Dating back to the Mughal era, Anarkali suits are very much in vogue even today. Blending contemporary with vintage, they have become a crucial ensemble in every woman’s wardrobe.These aesthetically pleasing dresses have taken the Indian fashion industry by storm, and the best part? They can be worn all year round!

This summer, it’s time for Anarkali lovers to check out summer-friendly collection of Anarkali suits online by BIBASofter shades present a fresh look and combined with innovative sleeve styles and vivid dupattas, are sure to make heads turn.

BIBA's anarkhali suits

Choose light fabrics:

Cotton becomes your best friend in summertime. Luckily, Anarkali suits are not just available in velvet and silk.

Instead, go for cotton and chiffon Anarkalis, which are much sought-after by modern Indian women as they are light to carry. A big plus is that they keep off skin allergies born out of the summer heat.


Find the Right Fit:

Nothing makes a better style statement than a well-fitted Anarkali dress. The high-waist cinch and flowy kurta make for an elegant, feminine look.

To own the sophisticated Desi look this summer, combine comfort with grace by choosing a well-fitted Anarkali suit.

Style it up:

Anarkalis project a chic and regal look, a combination that has made them quite popular amongst Indian women.

Stick to simpler designs in the daytime but bring out the artistic suits laced with intricate embroidery for a glitzier evening appearance.

The latest trends lean towards Chinese collars, but the round, sweetheart and V-necks work just as well in spelling elegance and grace.

Match the style with the occasion:

Anarkali suits are suitable for different occasions including festivals and get-togethers, as well as at the work-place. At the same time, they make for comfortable every-day wear.

On the up side, there’s no lack of choice between different Anarkali styles that are available in lighter materials for summer time.


It’s always advisable to stick to darker colours in the evenings and the soft pastels for the day. Richer colours are also more becoming at parties and festivals. At the work-place or at home, on the other hand, simpler and lighter Anarkalis work just fine.  

Remember to Accessorise:

An intricately designed Anarkali suit may be enough for a well-rounded look, but it’s never a bad idea to add a spark to your outfit by accessorising.  

You can add to the elegance with a pair of Kundan earrings, a potli bag or a vibrant dupatta.

Follow these tips and make heads turn this summer by pulling off a fantastic Desi look with BIBA’s summer-friendly Anarkalis.



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