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Fashion Tips for Plus Size Women


If you are plus sized and are looking for fashion tips to look leaner, then you are at the right place. Curves are really hot but see if you will look good in them or not. You should not look frumpy but curvaceous. So, you should avoid everything bulky and prefer those which smooth out lumps and bumps. Instead of hiding them, concentrate on looking your best. Check what is recommended for you and what is not below in this post.

Fashion Tips for over-sized women

1) The Strategies:

Check what details you put on the body frame and the way you make color combinations. You need to work on bigger details and more space than petites. For example a dainty necklace will look good on a slim woman but not you. You should instead wear extra layered necklaces for fuller look.

Prefer a proper fit:

Most of the women try to hide the body in layers and oversized clothes but this way, they only look bigger. Instead get those fit your body well.

Scale Details With Your Body Size:

Scale the prints and your accessories according to your size so that you don’t look bigger.

Prints, details and shapes:

See that all the details are mostly vertical but not horizontal. People’s eyes shouldn’t go sideways but up and down.

2)  Dress Based on Body Shape:

First check the contours and proportions of your body. You may short or tall. You may have one of many body shapes. You need to figure out which category you belong to.

Fashion Tips for over-sized women

The Leg Lengths:

Check if your upper half is longer than lower half or vice versa. Longer legs make you look taller and thinner while longer upper body makes one look stumpy. Even extra-long or extra short legs spoil ones look.

For the Petites:

If your height is above 5’4”, then you need not worry much since you can look slim if you choose the clothes the right way.

If your height is 5’4” or shorter, then look for petite plus size clothes and focus on prints, shapes and details which can make you look taller.

  1. Wear heels but if you don’t like heels much then prefer at least 1” to 2 “ to make your legs look slim.
  2. Get short dresses of knee length. Skirts and short are ideal for you. If your legs are muscular then avoid garments at the thickest part of legs.
  3. Show your skin. Deep necklines as well as short dresses can slim you down. But keep the dress you are wearing more conservative to be safe.

3) Fashion Tips:

Fashion Tips for over-sized women 3

Go Monochrome:

Wear colors of same nuances. For example, dark brown, light brown, beige, etc. You can also prefer those in same value like light, medium and dark. Best way is to wear dark or light color from top to bottom.

Vertical Details:

Opt for only vertical details rather than horizontal details since they make one’s eye roll up and down but not sideways.

Get the V necks:

V necks make one look thinner and taller but if your shoulders are narrow then prefer slightly rounded V necklines. In addition wear a long neckpiece with vertical pendant. If you have full bust then your pendant should stop right above cleavage.

Wear the Accessories Carefully:

Wear them long. For example, wear a scarf long and dangling.

Get the Perfect Fit:

Your clothes should neither tight nor loose. It should fit you perfectly. Tight clothes form wrinkles when you move while loose clothes will make you look bigger.

Scale it to Your Size:

Get wider belts, larger printed dresses, bigger handbags, more layered bracelets or chains since smaller accessories will only make you look bigger.


Get the Shape-wears:

They’ll help you stay in shape whenever you need. So, it is better to invest on them.

Wear Nipped Tops:

A slim waist usually makes one look slim totally. So, get clothes that nip at the thinnest part of your waist.


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