Designer Clothes Rental Sites in India

Designer Clothes Rental Sites in India


It’s true we all want to wear designer lehengas to the next wedding, isn’t it girls? The fact that most of us aspire to wear such beautifully designed clothes, but can’t actually do so because of the high prices. This is the reason why you should start renting your clothes girls. The most amazing part you will never have to worry about repeating your outfits! It every girl’s dream comes true! With these rental sites making our life simpler, here is what you have to do if you want to rent a designer outfit-rent an outfit, pay the rent and return it once you are done wearing it! Voila! These sites have an extensive collection to make you feel like a princess for the night. Here are a few that we have spotted- was born out of not letting the small wardrobe choices and small bank balances inhibit every girl’s fashion must haves. They offer a wide range of collections by a variety of designers from Sabyasachi to Anamika Khanna. If you rent an outfit from them once, you will be hooked onto them forever!



Swishlist believes that-“It’s not about owning a piece of clothing. It’s about owning the look, owning the experience and owning the night.”

All you have to do is log onto their website and select an outfit from their online catalogue. They will get the outfit delivered to your doorstep two days before you need to wear it and you can return it once you have worn it. However, they do charge a security deposit.


Launched in September 2015, Flyrobe is a Mumbai based rental service. Flyrobe is also one of the leading rental services in India. You can even rent an outfit for the time period of three hours! How amazing is that? They not only have ethnic clothing but also have clothes from high-street brands such as Forever New, ASOS, French Connection, Mango, etc.



Established in 2009, a Delhi-based rental service was initially named-Rent a Party Dress. Wrapd is one of the rental services which have a physical store as well. If you aren’t based in Delhi, their online process is very simple as well. Log on to their website, browse through their collection and select a piece. If you need alterations, you can send them your size and they will alter the outfit for you. However, they charge a high-security deposit i.e. you need to pay almost three times the price of the rent of the piece.

The Clothing Rental

Started in 2005, The Clothing Rental is a Mumbai based rental service. Besides their online portal, they have two stores- one in Bandra and the other one in Versova. Apart from some high street basic brands now available in the malls today, The Clothing Rental allows you to rent some brands from their New York buying office.

Go ahead and rent some really cool outfits. Be it another wedding or just a friends birthday celebrations, be the head turner at the party.

Written by Tanisha


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