Cheat Your Way Into Looking Slimmer

Cheat Your Way Into Looking Slimmer

Do you work out regularly but still have those days when you feel bloated? And coincidently is that the day you have to go partying with your friends? Don’t worry girls! The experts from the fashion industry have tried and tested a number of things to make us look and feel slimmer and hence we have put together the best tips and tricks for you so you can look slimmer and feel more confident on the days you feel bloated.

  1. A Basic V-Neck T-shirt

V-neck is classic, versatile and slimming! However, there are a set of rules to be followed to ace this flattering neckline. Make sure you wear a comfortable yet a roomy fit which will allow your body to breathe and never, tuck your t-shirt into your jeans- outlining your stomach area will only enlarge it.

  1. Back To Black

Black is slimming! We all have heard it a million times and it also true! An all-black ensemble zaps the fat because it hides all the shadows and bloated bits. Just remember girls; if there is no color, there is no contrast.

  1. Accessorize With Long Necklaces

A long necklace lengthens the entire frame, giving the illusion of a slimmer body. It also directs the attention away from the problematic areas such as the mid-section or the hips.

  1. Vertical Limit

Vertical lines or stripes are the best way to fight the extra pounds. Not only stripes but also zips and pockets that run vertically, draw the eye up and down-help create an optical illusion which makes the body appear elongated.

Following the same rule, stay clear off horizontal stripes, which will not only make you look larger but also you will look shorter.

  1. Tailored Outfits

A fitted jacket paired with a pencil skirt or straight-legged pants tend to give an illusion of a slimmer body. If your body shape is an inverted triangle, then opt for A-line skirts and dresses. You can even opt for empire waist tops and dresses which focus on hiding your belly fat.

  1. Choose the Right Color

Wearing the same color from head to toe can add length to your body. We don’t mean exactly the same color, learn to mix and match your outfit within the family of the same color. If you tend to wear too many colors at once, the chances of you looking shorter and heavier are higher!

  1. Pretty Peplums-

Peplum tops are a very flattering style! These tips will help you hide that tummy bulge and give you the illusion of a slimmer waist. This is a super stylish top and an absolute must-have for every girl who wants to look slimmer in tops!

  1. Highs & Lows

A High-low top is specially made for girls with a heavy torso. This kind of top in darker shades is all you need to make a style statement and look slim at the same time!

  1. Highlight

Highlight the areas you love! Mask the problem areas with darker shades and highlight the areas you love with brighter shades. This trick will make you slim instantly.

  1. High Waisted Pants

The easiest way to make sure that your bloated tummy stays put is with some high waist jeans and pants in firm fabrics which will help you hide your flab perfectly! If you are short in height, high waisted jeans tend to give an elongated look to your legs.

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