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Try Out These Beauty Tips By Shraddha Kapoor


Shraddha Kapoor is the young and bubbly actress of bollywood. She has lovely skin and lustrous hair. She follows a strict regime to keep her skin healthy and glowing. Let’s take a look at some of the handy and healthy tips from Shraddha for glowing skin and lovely hair.

Tip1# For lovely hair

Shraddha loves to oil her hair and she believes in massaging her hair well. Once in a while she goes in for hair spa which gives that extra shine and bounce to her curly hair. Try Out These Beauty Tips By Shraddha KapoorShraddha uses a hair pack made up of Aloe Vera juice, hibiscus leaves and curd. She applies this mixture on her hair for 20 minutes and then she rinses it off with water. This pack leaves her hair soft and shiny.

Tip#2: For lovely skin

Shraddha Kapoor’s mantra is “Less is more”. She keeps away from heavy make-up and also is very fond of concealers. She just use very light concealers to get rid of unwanted marks and get an even toned skin. She just cleans her face before going to bed so that the skin remains clean and clear. She always applies good moisturizer before applying any layer of make-up on her skin.


Tip#3: During hot and humid weather

Shraddha drinks lot of water during hot weather and she washes her face many times to get rid of pimples and oily skin. She keeps her skin clean during humid weather.

Tip#4: For reviving dull skin

Shraddha took up the amazing diet of strawberries and peaches when she noticed that her skin is becoming dull and dehydrated. This has made her skin glow and her natural blush is back on track.She has also used strawberry and peach face wash to get her glow back.

Try Out These Beauty Tips By Shraddha Kapoor

Tip#5: Her beauty vanity must haves

Shraddha Kapoor never runs out of BB cream, Kajal, Mascara, tinted lip balms, neutral shades of lipstick, facial wipes, deo and hand sanitizer.

Tip#6: Use home-made face masks and scrubs

Shraddha Kapoor uses home-made face scrubs and masks for her skin. Along with this she drinks lot of water to keep the skin fresh and hydrated. She advises to use face masks and scrubs twice in a week to retain soft and glowing skin.


Tip#7: Her favorite make-up products

Shraddha is very fond of using products from MAC, Bobbi Brown and Chanel. She uses shampoo and conditioner from Body Shop and her favorite tinted lip balm is from Benetint. She loves to keep it minimum and simple to get flawless skin.

Tip#8: Eat healthy

Shraddha stays away from junk food and is very health conscious. She has introduced a high protein and fiber diet in her daily food. She takes dinner by 8 PM and snoozes off to bed latest by 11 PM. She loves to eat vegetarian diet and eats non-veg once in a blue moon.

Try Out These Beauty Tips By Shraddha Kapoor

Tip#9: Workout is essential

To keep flawless skin and healthy body, it is very essential to hit the gym or maintain a regular exercise routine. You can also go to park regularly for a brisk walk and light exercises. Shraddha is also very active in sports as she’s a good basketball and volleyball player. This has given her skin an edge over others in the industry as she’s very peculiar about her health and skin regime.

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