Top 7 Hairstyles for women with thick hair
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Top 7 Hairstyles for women with thick hair


By Tanisha Diwan

Women’s hair is the symbol of her beauty. Thick hair can be both a blessing and a curse. Thick hair can be a time consuming to style if you have to do it every day. If you have thick hair, here are some different hair styles and ways to pin up your hair to make your life easier and for you to look stylish day after day.

1.Thick Braids-


One advantage of thick hair is that a braid will always look nice. Girls would do anything to have a nice thick braid. If you take out some time out of your busy schedule to learn how to braid, it will open up a world of cute hairstyles for you. You can play around with this braid style- try braids with your hair down or a braided bun. A braided updo spells class and elegance.

2.Top Knots-


Top knots always look great with thick hair. If you have thick hair, you don’t have to worry about making it bigger or messy. Your hair will do it by itself. All you have to do is tie your hair into a pony tail, gather your hair and twist it into a bun. Secure with bobby pins. You are all ready to flaunt your gorgeous, thick top knot.


3.Pony Tails-


A ponytail can be really heavy on someone with thick hair, so rather than trying to make a high ponytail have enough volume, try a low ponytail or low side ponytail instead. Do an inverted ponytail and tuck the ends in to make an easy chignon.

4. Boho Messy Side Bun-


A messy side bun is a very versatile hairstyle which you can do for any occasion. It will make you look chic and elegant at a wedding function or even just a day out with your girls!

5. Celtic Knot-


This one looks a little tricky but trust us it’s worth the effort! Create an intricate knot to make your half updo more special.


6. Beach Waves-


The Olsen twins’ hair is legendary for their gorgeous, tousled beach waves. But since we can’t all be can’t be the Olsen twins, we can surely steal their hairstyle with a few simple steps. All you have to do is after washing your hair, divide your hair into two sections, then further divide into two more sections. Then wrap your hair into a bun and tie it up, repeat on the other side. Once your hair is dry open it up. Shake your hair and you have beautiful beach waves!

7. Side Swept-


Women with thick hair swept to one side and pinned in one place is one of the classiest hairstyles of all times. This style stops your hair from falling on your face instead creates a thick pile of hair on one shoulder.

Here are a few hairstyles for thick hair. Hopefully, we have helped you find a style that suits your needs and helps you spice up your look.

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