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8 best hairstyles of Kriti Sanon


The talented actor Kriti Sanon never fails to make a statement whether she’s at promotions, shootings, holidaying or on the red carpet. And just when you’ve thought the actor has tried just about every look, she’ll be back at it again with a new, daring style that us mere mortals could never pull off. From the bouncy waves to her perky braids , we’ve rounded up that she has the most epic hairstyles she’s rocked throughout her career so far.

Kriti is someone who doesn’t like to like to stick to one style. Ever changing hairstyles is her signature.She’s a box full of versatility whether it’s her fashion sense or daring different hair looks. Her individuality is what made her into the lovable girl in the industry today, so we are here to showcase her adorable hairstyles . She is authentic and know how to slay it best.

The game of braids

8 best hairstyles of Kriti Sanon

Kriti is a pro in rocking braids. It seems it’s one of her favorite hair do, if you want to achieve the look just grab your hair loosely towards the one side. Now braid into a fish tail and tie the loose end.Or just make a simple loose French braid and Let some loose strands mess around. This is a good to go hairstyle for shopping, date or an informal occasion. Heading for shopping with friends or date, this style will brighten up almost any informal meeting. So, go ahead and have some fun with your hair.


The corporate bun

The most loved hairstyle in an office set up! Some gelled up hair and the top of your mane, followed by a neat high bun. It’s important to maintain the tidy and clean look of the hairstyle for the formal setups. Buns are universal for every attire you want to put on plus excellent for getting attention in a room full of crowded people. Wear it with a gown or long dress to bring out your sophisticated edgy diva. The top big bun is tied up neatly and offers a powerful and glamorous style. The big bun has a classy and elite appeal.

Casual loose hair bangs

8 best hairstyles of Kriti Sanon

Lazy enough for hairdos??? There is so much you can do with a set of bangs in your hair.Marvellous With a face as flawless as hers she can literally pull any look off and she proves that once again as her casual bangs is not something to be missed. This quirky haircut is best to try out for your brunch or day out. These bangs are simply enchanting. Turning her personality more enthralling. So what are you waiting for? Visit your salon to get these strikingly beautiful bangs today only. 

Sadhu top knot 

8 best hairstyles of Kriti Sanon

Want to revive your free spirit, go for this Saint top knot. For the days when you want a low maintenance hairstyle to post a hectic day this is something comes in handy.Grab a section from the top and make a messy knot and voila you are done. This will complete the cool and trendy look you were looking for. Not everyone would be able to wear this hairdo but there’s no harm in trying a risky fashion stunt. It looks tidy at the top with ruffled curls or simple beachy waves embodying the top knot.

Chic ponytail

Another one of those formal hairstyles that Kriti has sported. Well-groomed hair, nicely gelled up, with just the right amount of shine.The hairdo is glossy and pulled back tightly into  a thin ponytail offering smooth finesse.Just center part your hair and comb them well. Use downwards stroke to comb than backwards.just loosen up some hair strands from the front and Now tie the hair neatly into a ponytail just at the back of your neck.The sleekness here boasts of unique edginess.

Straight hair with one side braided

Get sassy with this side swept look. The hair has been fully parted to one side. On the right section a small braid decorates the hair. Combine with any attire and you have almost replicated her look. Well suited for almost all sorts of face shapes, dresses and Occasions.

Whenever in confusion, make a bun

Kriti Sanon’s hair looks like a messy one just put up together in a bun which looks really cute and jolly. Messy buns are savior in times, All you need to make a bun without combing much and leave some flicks to give it more casual look. The bun features  very quirky and stylish feel. Best for dinners and night outs. Do not forget to put on your earrings and make it look more gorgeous.

Half braided- Ponytail

Easiest yet attractive hairstyle sported by her as she was on promotions for her movie Rabtaa. She wore her hair in a ponytail that had a braided detail on one side. Easy to do, isn’t it. The hairdo looks wild and fun at the same time. Team it up with your favorite palazzo or denim shorts and you are ready with a sexy and attractive look. This very style will revamp your personality beautifully.

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