7 Best Hair Styles For Square Face Shape
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7 Best Hair Styles For Square Face Shape

If you are tired of maintaining the same look on your square face, then we don’t blame you at all. It is indeed tough to keep the same look and thinking of trying a different look. One should know, if you have a perfect square face, then consider yourself blessed because not only your face cut is photogenic but also  gives you ample opportunity to accentuate your natural look.


Well, this is also certain, that few woman know what hairstyle really look good on them but the other few don’t. In that case, I help you out with the examples that you may want to try on yourself. Go on, picture yourself pretty in below mentioned hairstyles, specially meant for you!

1. Maintain a Simple Hairstyle

7 Best Hair Styles For Square Face ShapeWell, as much as you had want a different look, I’ll say, keep it simple, just adorn a standout hair color. It really will go well, if you are a bohemian by nature. Carefree look and style exemplify your personality. Just round brush your hair and blow dry and keep it straight. Look around, people will actually love your new look!

2. Try Angled Bob Cut

7 Best Hair Styles For Square Face ShapeTake a look of Keira Knightly, she has this straight angled bob look. Give away simple Jane look a toss and try this. An angled bob cut gives you an elongated face; making your face look less wide. Having said that, just don’t tuck your hair behind your ears.

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3. Side down-do

7 Best Hair Styles For Square Face ShapeWhoever said, retro is not in; probably should not think of suggesting any point to any of us! Retro can never fade away. It’s very elegant. Especially for you square faced woman! All you have to do is – just blow dry your hair. Side part as you desire. Backcomb your hair to the roots. Shape the first side of hair into loose curls and pin the other side of hair down to the nape. Don’t forget to spray your hair to keep them together. You are ready for a jazzy romantic night!

4. High Bun

7 Best Hair Styles For Square Face ShapeI know, if you have long hair, you will never want to get them short. If that’s the deal then, how about take all your hair up above your head crown and tie into a bun. You may try loose bun with double tie rubber. Wear a pearl ear top or one side ear cuff just to look cute yet mischievous. Just make sure that you have tied a messy loose bun.


5. Side Bangs

7 Best Hair Styles For Square Face ShapeDon’t coy yourself for sporting the side bangs look. If you are a tom boy, well; enough said – You will carry it, just fine! Blow dry your hair with a bit of styling foam and shape your hair with flat iron taking care of the side bangs. Impressive yet very easy way out!

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6. Supple Look

7 Best Hair Styles For Square Face ShapeMy personal favorite and quite easy to do – Supple look gives you a fresh touch to your face. Just use shine enhancer to your hair and keep your hair all behind. Make sure all the hair are curled away from your face.

7. Asymmetric and Under-shave Look

7 Best Hair Styles For Square Face ShapeI know the name sounds daring but believe me, I have this look and I love it. It is pretty bold, so this goes only for the ones who are challenge taking chromosomes. Get yourself a careful under-shave on one side of your hair (prefer to get on the opposite of what you mostly part your hair). And keep the asymmetric layer of the other parted hair waved on the other side – left open. Up for any concert? Girl you sure are going to get people notice you in your bold avatar.

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