Wardrobe essentials for women

10 wardrobe essentials every woman must own


1.White Tee: 

White has innately magnetic effect in apparels. The whites gives you a confidence, and a formal look to carry on always.. It is always a turn-on be it to wear for your office, your daily home wear, market shopping or even on your date night… Yes,, on your date night also, teaming up with a tight-fit of blue denims and tucking the tee in it with a stylish belt, could set a perfect mood for a romantic date…

Wardrobe essentials for women

2.Vibrant Scarf:

Looping the scarfs over your neck, helps you overcome the mundane look and spices up your look.. Vibrantly printed scarfs could be teamed up with almost all kind of tees and apparels, that sets  a fun and attarctiveness to your look and even spares you of using the heavy and costly neck-pieces.

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3. Black leather bag

A black leather bag depicts a highly sophisticated and subtle look to your dress-up. You can carry it to almost all places like: office or even to your kitty parties. The only thing you must consider is, that you should be comfortable with it. A black leather bag can be teamed up with almost all kind of dress-ups and with any kind of prints over it and even any kind of colors. So,, basically a black leather bag is a perfecto bag to carry on anytime and everywhere…!!


4.White and black cardigan sweaters

For uncertain weathers, cardigens stands to be the best choice to opt for. Whether it is a sunny day and you get tucked up in high AC restaurants, you can always protect yourself under these cardigens… Talking about the colors of it, Black and white are the most sophisticated colors to carry.

5.Knee-length black skirt

A tight-fit skirt works wonders over a slim-bodied chic. It gives immensely perfect look to a women wearing it as it concentrates on showcasing the most perfect curves of the body, thereby creating a sexy appearance and appeal. Pencil skirts or A-line skirts are a perfect choice of the skirts.

Wardrobe essentials for women

6.Black blazer

Black blazer is must for your wardrobe because it could be teamed up with almost all the apparels and just by rotating the accessories with it.. And because its black, the accessories get highlighted and showcased and gives a highly vibrant look. There are different kinds of blazers available in the markets to fit different body shapes. Generally, a slim bodied  should go for long blazers to appear taller.

Wardrobe essentials for women

If you need to appear with a hot look, choose a blazer that has a tie-up on the waist area so that it show cases your figure properly. Dont ever use a oversized coats and blazers as were in vogue earlier. Becasue these days, those are total turn-off..!!

7.Riding Boots:

Wardrobe essentials for women

The boots are a perfect wear to carry with all king of wear: be it the denims, or the short skirts, or the short knickers. The boots always give a rugged and a confident look to the girls.

8. Heels:

Wardrobe essentials for women

Heels always are a symbolic of a sexy look that shows you are confident with what you have worn and are totally comfortable with your look and also tells that you have your way of doing things and dont care of others opinion. In short,, it reveals you are a girl of modern day..

9. Necklace:

Wardrobe essentials for women

Necklace with metal finish and a touch of colors in it works wonders for your fashion statement. These days big necklaces are in vogue. You could wear it anywhere almost: your office hours, on your shopping hunts or on the ball night. Just a very thing of precaution: Team up nice with the wearables and just observe the funky look.

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Sunglasses with subtle frames gives a cool and confident look to a lady and are worn in almost all the seasons these days.

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