L’oreal Skin Perfect 30+ Cream Review
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L’oreal Skin Perfect 30+ Cream Review


Hey you lovely gals out there!

There are lot of anti-aging creams stacking up in the market, after all who wants to age up so quickly! Everyone wants to age gracefully though. I have come across this yet another amazing product L’oreal Skin Perfect 30+ Cream. If you are in your thirties or about to touch that age then it’s a possibility that fine lines might emerge due to various factors.

L’oreal Skin Perfect 30+ Cream Review

L’oreal Skin Perfect 30+ Cream Review

L’oreal Skin Perfect cream is apt for winters as this gives a matte finish and doesn’t dry your face like any other anti-aging cream. Neither will it leave your face oily and keeps up well with the nourishment of your skin.


I loved the glass jar in simple golden and white combination. A travel pack is also available in tube form. It has a screw lid which opens and closes easily. Cream comes in a peachy shade and is smooth yet thick in texture. It has a fruity fragrance that is not sharp but is on a pleasant side.

PRICE: Rs 425 for 50 g

Key Ingredients: Not given on the jar

L’oreal Skin Perfect 30+ Cream Review

Directions for use:

You need to put small dots all over your face and gently spread the cream with upwards motion. Massage for a while in circular motions.

Shelf Life: Best before 36 months from packed date

Why you should go for L’oreal Skin Perfect 30+ Cream?

The cream has collagen and vitamin 3x complex which is good for skin as it removes fine lines in an effective way. The results can be seen within few weeks. It leaves your skin glowing for long.

L’oreal Skin Perfect 30+ Cream Review

For very dry skin, it is advisable to use it with coconut or almond oil or else it might give white patches or make your face appear white.

The good thing is that it has SPF 21 which saves your skin from the harmful sun rays. So there is no need to apply sunscreen separately. So you can apply it and step out in the sun with pride!


The effect of the cream lasts for 4 hrs and it gives a natural look to the skin. L’oreal Skin Perfect cream is a must have for winters as your skin easily gets what it yearns for in dry weather.

So just grab this awesome product to gain your beauty and compliments too. Perk up your personality and blend it well with youthful look with the regular use of this cream. Use it for few weeks and see that magical glow on your skin with reduction in fine lines. You’ll love yourself for this wise decision!


  • Smooth texture
  • Contains collagen and SPF 21 PA++
  • It whitens the skin
  • Smoothens fine lines with regular use
  • Reasonable price
  • Comes in a non-spilling jar

L’oreal Skin Perfect 30+ Cream Review


  • Leaves white shine on the moist skin
  • Not suitable for too dry skin
  • Whitening effect does not last for long

Rating: 4/5

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