Tulips Absorbent Cotton Wool Review
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Tulips Cotton Pleats Review & Uses

Claims : TULIPS is India’s fastest growing Cotton hygiene brand in India. With a diverse, attractive & most qualitative product range, TULIPS is today consumers’ first choice in more than 18 states of India, where we are present. TULIPS has now introduced Absorbent Cotton Rolls in retail packs (50gm, 100 gm).  The salient features are as follows:


  • Prepared from the best fiber & as per European Norms.
  • The bleaching & treatment is at par with European standards.
  • First time in INDIA, each cotton roll is pre-sterilised , for consumer confidence.
  • 100% safe & germ free
  • Produced at GMP certified Sate of Art production plants
  • High quality cotton sheet form without Paper, which is easy to use.

Tulips Absorbent Cotton Wool Review

I’ve been a loyal customer to tulips cotton pads . They are the very first cotton pads I’ve used after switching from the regular cotton . You can read the review of Tulip’s cotton pads Here . They are affordable & good enough for daily use. Coming to this absorbent pleat , For the first time I came to know that these type of cotton pleats exist .Each one is very huge for a single use.  Depending on the requirement , You can cut each one into half / four and use each one at a time . They are around 70 pleats in each pack & therefore each pack goes a long way . Texture of the pleats is very soft & very thick . They have their own uses. Scroll on to know more. 

Tulips Absorbent Cotton Wool Review

Tulips Absorbent Cotton Wool Review

Whenever I use a  face pack , I hate using a sponge on my face , even if it is made of super good quality  . For this purpose , This cotton pleat is just perfect . You can use a single pleat each time and throw away . This way you can maintain a good hygiene . Also , these are very smooth on skin, so they don’t hurt your skin in any way. I always use to feel the sponge to be harsh on my skin & wiping off your face pack with just your hands and water will be a huge mess . Not only for face packs , you can use these for removing scrubs , cleansers or any other beauty products from your face whenever you do a DIY facial. But you can’t use them for applying  toners , as they are very thick they absorb the product leading to wastage . May be you can use it for applying moisturizers , i have never tried though.  For removing face packs , you will need one pleat where as for cleansers & scrubs you can cut them into two and use.


Other Uses :

  • Can be used as Eye pads . Cut into 4 , Freeze the damp ones for few seconds & place them on your eyes. You can dip them in rose water as well . This is an excellent way to soothe your tired eyes.
  • Can be used with nail polish remover , if you use a liquid remover instead of strips . You just need half of each pleat for your hands. They are soft on nails as well . Nails are also to be taken care of.
  • Can be used for removing makeup on face & Neck. However , For removing eye & Lip makeup I recommend only cotton pads as they are more smoother for using them on your sensitive eyes.
  • You can soak one half in warm water and simply clean your face to remove any minute dirt particles & can be used to smooth away rough patches on lips.

Tulips Absorbent Cotton Wool Review

Tulips Absorbent Cotton Wool Review

So I recommend everyone to completely stop using regular cotton for your skin especially For face for any beauty purposes and start using either cotton pads or cotton pleats . Regular cotton scratches your skin very badly & makes skin rough in long run.


  • Perfect for wiping off face packs
  • You can maintain good hygiene by using these pleats
  •  Doesn’t scratch your skin
  • soft on skin
  • Multiple uses
  • Affordable


  • Can’t be used for applying toners as they are thick & absorbent
P.S – PR sample , honest review



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