Top 7 Foundations For Oily Skin
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Top 7 Foundations For Oily Skin

Most of us have complaints of having oily skin. Oily skin is way different than the dry or normal skin. It requires more effort of care and attention than the usual. Be it dirt, dust or sun-ray – if skin gets contact of any – skin irritation is the next crisis you face.


Applying make-up, can be a huge task at times for oily skin type. Since, the face secretes more oil, applying the right skin tone foundation is must. These days, cosmetic companies are paying extra more attention in coming up with best and correct foundation. They are specially designed foundation which suit the oily skin type. After lot of searching and reading about it, I have come up with best 7 foundations that are found in India especially for you, if you have oily skin.
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Revlon Color stay Foundation

Top 7 Foundations For Oily Skin
Price – INR 745/-
It is exactly meant for a flawless look. As the name suggest by Revlon – Color stay is on for 24 hour and is with Soft Flex SPF 6 for the combination/oily skin tone. Its lightweight formula make you look fresh and natural. It highly controls and absorbs the excess oil.

L’oreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder

Top 7 Foundations For Oily Skin
Price – INR 899/-
L’oreal takes pride of this product for it’s no flaw and no makeup feel look. It is a liquid powder formula that simply transforms your oily skin making you look live and very light. In India, it is recently launched and is incredibly hit among women. It’s my personal favorite and is great use on a daily basis. Its SPF 18 doesn’t break out and last longer.

Inglot YSM Cream Foundation 

Top 7 Foundations For Oily Skin
Price – INR 970/-
Available only online store of Inglot, it is creamy formula that is best for natural look used on daily basis. It amazingly controls the oil and blend quite easily. The only downfall for it is on the price mentioned it doesn’t hide dark acne marks.

Neutrogena Skin Clearing Oil Free Makeup

Top 7 Foundations For Oily Skin
Price – INR 2595/-
With this price, you will own internationally acclaimed product which works wonder on the oily skin texture. It is a great foundation available in India. It is first ever liquid foundation which is composed with micro clear technology. A fine makeup touch to your oily skin which goes deep and doesn’t let your skin secrete oil. The price is every worth of it.

Natural Blend Comfort by Lotus Herbal

Top 7 Foundations For Oily Skin
Price – INR 345/-
One of the most easy to carry in your handbag – product. This herbal foundation is absolutely wonderful for your skin for its rich sun protecting agent and oil absorbing properties. It is also a quite budget friendly unlike other brand. It comes in three exciting shade which makes you all day shine and bright look.

Stay – Matte Oil Free Make-up by Clinique

Top 7 Foundations For Oily Skin
Price – INR 2080/-
If you are looking for a great makeup for yourself, and wanting to be the best choice for oily skin. I had suggest for this. Available only in Clinique stores and website, this is the best of Clinique product. Once applied, one doesn’t feel oily skin at all. It is highly rich in patent pending formula which absorbs shine and controls excessive oil on your skin. Stay fresh and worry free by using – Stay Matte!

Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation

Top 7 Foundations For Oily Skin
Price – INR 1540/-
A friend of mine recently used this product and she was absolutely gaga about it. Out of curiosity, I purchased this and hence, I knew why she was all about it! With new generation formula, it is absolutely delight to have one. With SPF 10, it keep your oily skin hydrate for whole 24 hours. It lets your skin breathe and also keep it soft and make you look natural and make-up free. Quite light and doesn’t clog your pores. If you are looking for high end product you might want to try this!


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