How to make small eyes appear bigger??
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How to make small eyes appear bigger??


Do you think your eyes are too small compared to others…!! They doesnt look as sparkling as the ones having bigger eyes??? Do not just sit down depressed, because you cant ceratinly change your size of eyes as it has been given by nature, but you can certainly work on the following amazing tricks to make your eyes appear big and attractive…  

Working over dark circles:

Use of concealer over the darkcircles could brighten up the darkness of the eyes and could help it look bigger.. Because due to darkcircles, eyes often tend to look tired, weak and thus small.. To make it look bigger and fresh, use good amount of concealer to well cover cover up the darkened circles.


Use of Light shade Eye shadow:

Using light colored/white shade eye shadow, helps your eyes look bigger. On the contrary, using darker shadows sleaks up the wideness of the eyes.

Use of white eye liner:

Usage of white eye liner also creates a illusionary effect of big eyes. Use this liner on the inner rim of the lower portion of your eyes.

How to make small eyes appear bigger??

Curl your eye-lashes:

Curling your eye lashes draws attention over your eyes which now seems more wide and open..

Draw a tight line over the upper eye lid:

Applying a very narrow black liquid liner on the upper lid of your eyes, also enhances the beauty of your eyes in a todays fashionable way, and also making your eyes appear actually somewhat more open and wide.

Refrain from the smoky makeup:

The smoky eye makeup also is a turn off for the girls who have bleak eyes..

Proper use of liner:

Starting the liner from the inner of the eyes and making it till the outer portion and a little thicker out there gives a intense look and glooms up your eyes. Thickening the liner in the middle doesnot do any good, rather creates a round look to your eyes. However, thickening at th edges gives a nice shape to your eyes, widened look, lifting your eyes up.


Working over eyebrow:

For making the eyes the most attractive part of your face, darken up or highlighten up your eyebrows using the eyebrow pencil. Give it a proper shape and intensify them, so that it lustly becomes attractive.

Reduce the puffiness of the eyes:

The puffiness of your eyes also makes it appear smaller and which needs to be taken care of by some simple steps:

  • Take a proper amount of sleep.
  • Keep used and cold tea bags overnight.
  • Control the salt intake in your diet.
  • Drinking a lot of water could also help reduce it.
  • Use of iced tea bags is also known to reduce it.

Use color:

Add color to your eyes.. Just get off  those old and boring browns and blacks out of your dressing and include the blues, purple,aqua and silver. These color are new, youthful, fashionable and depict energism.. These are the new colors in vogue that give you subtlely fashionable look.!

How to make small eyes appear bigger??

Keeping your eyes perfectly toned:

Use a good quality of moisturizer around your eyes as the quality has to do a lot of work for a good toning of your under eye spots, besides all the eye packs you have been using.. Moisturizer happens to be the most required element as it perfectly keeps the eye skin in good health and which is necessary for them to appear fresh and glittery… Moisturizer helps to soften your skin avoiding the dryness and thereby improving the overall look of your face.

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