Honeymoon Essentials - Packing Checklist

Honeymoon Essentials – Packing Checklist

Let’s admit it, girls, we have all dreamt about how fantastic our honeymoon will be someday! However, it seems to be that one part of the wedding that many brides-to-be completely put off planning until the last minute. While there is no rule that says you have to take a suitcase full of brand new clothes on your honeymoon, you will want to bring some new and special dresses to help make this trip memorable!

Essentially your packing list will be determined by your honeymoon destination. A bride packing for her honeymoon at a tropical resort may not need as much luggage (c’mon who are we kidding?) because bikinis and sundresses don’t take up as much space! However, if you have chosen to go skiing then the majority of your luggage will be ski gear.

However, in addition to the basic everyday items, you must carry these things with you on your honeymoon-

Comfortable shoes-

Since you will be exploring a new place, this is going to involve a lot of walking around. Be sure to carry walking shoes and flip-flops or pretty sandals, but basically, you must be comfortable walking long distances in them.

Special Dresses-

Certain things only happen once in life-like the first date with your husband. So, make sure you have picked out only the most gorgeous dress for the first dinner date of your honeymoon.


If you are traveling to beachy destinations, then you absolutely must carry trendy dresses, skirts, and shorts along with some tank tops. Don’t forget to carry sexy bikinis and show them off sneakily through your dresses and tank tops!


Don’t overload with heavy duty products such as foundations, etc. But be sure to carry the essentials like- sunscreen, moisturizer, lip balm, blush, BB cream, etc. You want to relax on your honeymoon girls, don’t you?


Girls dress up on a daily basis so, without a doubt, the honeymoon would require that special tough. You must carry your casual accessories and jewelry. Avoid taking real gems, gold, and silver as it might be risky to carry these while you travel.

Light Pull Over-

Many beachy areas get cold at night, so make sure to carry one or two light pullovers that will match most of your outfits.

Tote Bag-

Every girl owns a bag which matches all her clothes, don’t we? Be sure to pack it for your honeymoon.


Did you know that our brain associates certain moments with the smells that surrounded us when they actually happened? Wearing a particular type of perfume during the honeymoon can help you relive the sweetness and beauty of these moments’ years from now.


  • Passports & Plane Tickets

  • ID cards

  • Driver’s License

  • Currency/Traveller’s Checks

  • Photocopies of all your Hotel Reservations

  • Medicines

  • Insect Repellent

  • First-Aid

  • Reading Material

  • Toiletries

  • Light Snacks

  • Emergency Contacts

  • Camera

  • Converters & Adapters

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