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Hello Beauties !!

I am  Sindhura Gurazada !! Excited to write my first post here. Inspired by many bloggers, I’ve decided to start a beauty and fashion blog of my own.

Beauty doesn’t necessarily mean makeup, but makeup can definitely enhance your beauty. Beauty is about enhancing what you have. And I’m here to share with you loads & loads of tips , suggestions , insights , reviews on various products to make you walk that extra mile in the journey of beauty !!

I will be blogging here regularly about beauty, fashion & health tips on a wide variety of topics. I want this blog as a platform for pretty ladies who come together to share, discuss,  & learn in each others’ company in the pursuit of enhancing their beauties !!

Finally I would like to sign off this post with a quote: “The best thing is to look natural , but it takes makeup to look natural “.

I hope you all will join me on this journey and encourage me in making this blog successful.

Any feedback, comments or suggestions are always welcome. Do reach out to me at

Sindhura Gurazada

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