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Beauty Secrets of Kareena Kapoor

beauty secrets of kareena kapoor

You love her or you hate her, but she can’t be ignored. She is the true personification of glamour in the Bollywood industry. Hailing from royal Kapoor family, she is a perfect balance of beauty and the brain. Superstar Kareena Kapoor Khan is not only known for her big movies but also for remaining graciously elegant all the time. Fashion statement is something she always leave trails of; Bebo, as famously known as, is one of the few actress in B-Town that has generously offered beauty tips with all her fans across the globe.


Let’s know about her beauty secret to remain gorgeous!

1. Bebo is simply envied for the flawless and glowing skin she has. We definitely don’t blame her for it. She said once in an interview that – She got such a radiant complexion from her mother and father. You see it’s a Kapoor gene effect!

2. She drinks six to eight glasses of boiled water everyday. As per her keeping the body hydrated, it’s necessary to drink enough water and lot of fresh fruit juice.

3. Maintaining spotless and flawless skin for her is not that difficult; since she doesn’t use much of make-up it becomes easier for her to feel hassle free. When not shooting, she prefers no makeup. However, when she is actually shooting, she make it a best point to use minimal make up.

4. Her best precaution is to stay as far as possible from chemical products – be it for hair, or skin. She also never uses thick plaster of make-up products or cream on her face.

5. Her personal beauty products are Lancôme for face wash, Clarin sunscreen and moisturizer is always available in her handbag.

6. Quite fond of regular head massage, Kareena makes it a point to oil her hair with a combination hair oil made of Almond, Castor, Coconut and Olive. Since she has dry hair, it helps nourish her hair and also improves the blood circulation in her scalp.

7. Every day she does 100 Suryanamaskar rigoursly. She also does Ashtanga for at least one hour without fail. She says, it helps her stay positive, calm and composed. She also does Pilates to keep herself fit.

8. To keep her skin look lively and fresh all time, her grandma remedy is to apply face concoctions of almond oil and mixed with curd. She applies almond oil daily on her hair and skin. Now we all know about her million dollar skin and lustrous hair secret.


9. She turned vegetarian the time when she was dating Actor Shahid Kapoor who is one of the strictest vegetarian in the B-town. Kareena simply stay away from the meat and that’s how she able to keep herself fit by not putting any extra kilos. Although she started size zero in the town, but personally she recommends everyone to have a healthy lifestyle and exercise well.

10. Being a pakka Punjabi, she can’t help but eat all the time. However, she doesn’t eat any junk, though she is junkie by nature. She eats every two or three hours to keep her metabolism intact. Her food regime includes lot of fresh green vegetable and fresh fruits.
In the morning she starts her day with fruits and salad, followed by no oil upma or paranthas, muesli and idlis. She also snacks on brown bread sandwiches. In lunch, she takes normal dal, roti, sabzi and emphasis on having right proportion of all kinds of carbs and proteins. In dinner, she gorge on simple light food such as dal, roti or brown rice, vegetables and raita or dahi.

Well, now we know how she is able stay fit, elegant and beautiful all this time. We hope, she stays like this always and age gracefully.

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