• Top 7 BB creams for oily skin available in India
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    Top 7 BB creams for oily skin available in India

    [777] Patchy, uneven skin tone is a negative score on the beauty scale, and on top of that oily skin makes anyone look much duller. Girls who have oily skin refrain themselves from wearing make-up as it wears off very quickly. Therefore they had to stick to predominant style of makeup, that is, kajal, mascara and lipstick. An experiment with looks seems to be next to impossible. This turns off mood for any kind of casual outing, date or dinner. Here we list some of BB creams that are available in India And will suit oily skin type. Colorbar Perfect Match BB cream The product is best in market especially…

  • sonam kapoor best makeup looks (3)
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    Best Makeup Looks of Sonam Kapoor

    [777] Thinking of Makeup and style in industry the first name that often comes to mind is Sonam Kapoor. She has donned great makeup and style since she entered in bollywood. Sonam Kapoor has always managed to look her best since her first movie “Saawariya” till the last successful project “Neerja”. Any of her public appearance has left people stunned by her makeup looks and dressings. This is the reason she is idol of many pretty ladies in world. Though we have loved her in all her appearances but here are few of Sonam Kapoor’s best makeup looks. She has always managed to look fresh and beautiful in all her…

  • How to make small eyes appear bigger??
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    How to make small eyes appear bigger??

    [777] Do you think your eyes are too small compared to others…!! They doesnt look as sparkling as the ones having bigger eyes??? Do not just sit down depressed, because you cant ceratinly change your size of eyes as it has been given by nature, but you can certainly work on the following amazing tricks to make your eyes appear big and attractive…   Working over dark circles: Use of concealer over the darkcircles could brighten up the darkness of the eyes and could help it look bigger.. Because due to darkcircles, eyes often tend to look tired, weak and thus small.. To make it look bigger and fresh, use…

  • Top 10 Red Lipsticks in India under Budget
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    Top 10 Red Lipsticks in India under Budget

    [777] Fond of lipsticks and red is your color? Around the globe women are fascinated by the color red. It enunciates feminine beauty statement.  From Cleopatra to Makeda (Queen of Sheba) and from Marilyn Monroe to Naomi Campbell, the color red has allured women in its magic. Tints and shades of color red have bewitched women since centuries back. From crimson red to scarlet red, hues of red are charismatic in itself. And if you have searching for red lipsticks that too under budget then we give you few options. 1. Maybelline Color Show Matte Lipstick – Hot Chilli M203               Maybelline is one of…

  • Braided updo with flowers - Top 7 Indian Bridal Hairstyles
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    Top 7 Indian Bridal Hairstyles

    [777] In any girl’s life, marriage is the most memorable day. The beautiful dressing, makeup and hair styling make a bride look more beautiful. All around the world many brides go with different types of hairstyles. In India, there are also many different hair styles a bride goes with. Here are a few top Indian Bridal hairstyles. Hair braid decorated with flowers and netted flowers :  I am a south Indian so getting started with our traditional hair style. Many brides in south India go with this traditional, classic hair style. This is suited for all types of hair lengths and is braided with hair extensions too. Once the entire…

  • Top 7 Foundations For Oily Skin
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    Top 7 Foundations For Oily Skin

    Most of us have complaints of having oily skin. Oily skin is way different than the dry or normal skin. It requires more effort of care and attention than the usual. Be it dirt, dust or sun-ray – if skin gets contact of any – skin irritation is the next crisis you face. [777] Applying make-up, can be a huge task at times for oily skin type. Since, the face secretes more oil, applying the right skin tone foundation is must. These days, cosmetic companies are paying extra more attention in coming up with best and correct foundation. They are specially designed foundation which suit the oily skin type. After lot…

  • How to fix a broken compact
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    How To Fix A Broken Compact

    Have you ever faced problems with broken compact powder before? You have spent so much of your hard earned money and it broke giving you a heart break. It happens very often with us especially when you are travelling with your compact powders. It also happens to those when you handle things poorly and that compact slips down from your hand. Not only compact powder but this also happens to your bronzers, blushes, eye shadow palettes, etc. What should you do in this case? [777] Many ladies adjust with it and use it that way carefully or some just throw it away but this is there any solution to fix…

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    How To Curl Hair Without Heat

    We know well that styling hair so often can damage hair. Flat irons, hair dryers and curling tools damage the upper layer of hair strands and make it look dull and damaged. But you love those curls; what should you do to prevent damage with these tools yet get those stunning curls? Straightening naturally may be difficult but not curling. You can get curls in a span of few hours or overnight; how? Here are few tricks to curl your hair without heat. [777] Head Band Curls This is an easy way to get awesome curls overnight. All you need to do is take a band and tie it round…

  • top 10 fuchsia lipsticks available in India
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    Top 10 Fuchsia Lipsticks Available in India

    [777] If you like fuchsia shade on your lips a lot and you are searching for more lipsticks with this shade then you must check these 10 lipsticks and try them for sure. We found these topping the list of all fuchsia lipstick shades. Everyone has their own fuchsia lipstick. So for your skin tone, there must be few that can brighten up your face. Check if any of these are going to grab your attention. 1. MAC Girl About Town Lipstick: As per MAC, this one is a fab fuchsia amplified crème lipstick and this one has a cool toned and blue based hot pink shade. You can say…

  • Makeup tips for dark skin tones
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    Makeup Tips fo dark skin tones

    [777] Most of the makeup products suit fair skin tones well but matching them with dark skin gives tough time. Dark skinned beauties should spend some time and choose products with extreme care and with few tips they can look gorgeous. Here I’m sharing of such tips which might be helpful to you. Face Usually dark skinned ladies have uneven skin tone due to uneven distribution of melanin. They have darker forehead and lighter center and so choosing foundations in multiple shades is advised to get even looking natural look. While applying foundation, it is important to create seamless finish and gradual transition from lighter part of your face towards…