• How to take care of your hair this winter ?
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    Tips And Tricks For Healthy Hair This Winter !!

    [777] Winter is indeed a beautiful season. It’s just that cold weather tends to make our skin dull and dry. Moreover, it affects our hair too by making them brittle, more prone to breakage and cold winds lead to dry scalp as well. It is very important to take care of our hair and prevent them from cold weather. In winters, cold wind plays a very bad role in taking away all the moisture from the hair. So it is advisable to wear a hat, scarf, cap or a bandana covering your hair. They will be saved and not get tangled easily. Let’s get to know some more handy tips…

  • Manicure at home
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    Manicure at home in 7 simple steps

    [777] For a woman, who does all the run through the whole day, needs to be extra attentive about herself. Right from washing dishes to clothes to keeping the house clean; cooking to taking care of everyone. The woman often forgets to take time out for themselves for a really good grooming session. Do you know washing your hand too often and not applying moisturizer makes your hand rough? More so, your nails become weak, too, if you do not take proper care of them. One should be extensively careful about their hands, because it is the first to catch hold of germs and spread it elsewhere. Want to know…