• DIY Banana Hair Mask for Beautiful hair
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    DIY Banana Hair Masks for Beautiful hair

    [777] Tired with dull, frizzy hair? Have you used enough chemicals to revamp your hair but had been unsuccessful, then move towards all natural homemade remedy that can give you lustrous hair. Banana is s rich source of potassium, zinc and manganese; and in addition to that it contains various vitamins. The presence of all these nutrients helps to strengthens hair which avoids breakage, tangled hair and frizz. A fine puree of banana can be obtained by proper mashing of banana and then straining it from strainer so that small lumps and seeds are thrown away, as these particles keep sticking to hair giving it a look of dandruff. Mashed…

  • Amazing ingredients for hair mask
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    Mix these ingredients for a hair mask and the results are amazing !

    [777] Monsoon is here and in this season, hair needs your utmost care. One should never be careless about it. Damaged hair, hair fall problem, dandruff – these are symptoms due to lack of proper treatment. At this time, if mix these ingredients for a hair mask, you will find amazing results. Ever wondered, how the kitchen holds the power simple magic tricks? Well, read on to find what kitchen has to offer for your hair! 1. Banana and Honey Banana and honey works best as a moisturizer for your hair. If you have dry or frizzy hair, nothing can beat the wonder mixture of banana and honey. Take one…