• Best Budget Hair Straighteners In India
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    Best Budget Hair Straighteners In India

    [777] We are all blessed with unique and different hair and hair textures but today changing the texture or color of your hair- temporarily or permanently, is not a problem anymore. Girls with curly or wavy hair want poker straight hair and girls with straight hair want curly hair. As girls, we are never satisfied.  So, if you are a curly haired girl reading this, we have a list of hair straighteners you can buy (depending on your budget) and have the best of both worlds- curly and straight.   Girls with curly hair, when they have bad hair days there is nothing which will rescue your hair except the…

  • how-to-clean-your-hair-tools
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    Tips to Keep Your Hair Tools Clean

    [777] Girls, we all want our hair to always look like it does in the fashion magazines, don’t we? Well, in order for that to happen… they need to be taken care of. By this, we mean cleaning them regularly! Tell us honestly girls when was the last time you cleaned your hair styling tools? What about your blow dryer and curling or flat irons. Yes, your blow dryer and straightener need cleaning too. The product build-up on your hair tools can burn hair and also cause split ends. Today, we will show you the simplest ways to take care of your hair styling tools and accessories. Not only will…

  • 10 Essential Winter Hair Care Tips
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    10 Essential Winter Hair Care Tips

    [777] There are so many things you love about winters-the stylish clothes, over sized sweaters, boots and the long coats. But do you girls realize the toll it takes on our hair and skin? Dry hair, split ends, hair fall, frizzy hair, brittle hair, etc. Hence, it is very important to avoid these hair issues before it turns into a serious problem. Start taking care of your gorgeous tresses before they get too damaged. We have put together a list of things you can avoid any kind of hair problems and these will leave you with shiny and bouncy hair:  1) First and the most important point to keep in mind…

  • 5 simple haisrtyles for Greasy hair
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    5 Simple Hairstyles For Oily/Greasy Hair

    [777] We cannot have the perfect hairs every day. Because of our busy schedules caring for the hairs can become a quite difficult task. Messier hairs are harder to style and manage. Especially if your hairs are naturally oily, your hairs can become dirty more often. Washing your hairs daily can damage your locks. This is because of the harsh chemicals that are present in your shampoo. Also, it destroys the natural oils present in the hair fibers living it dry and damaged.Also, when you apply heat to the hairs it can also cause the damage of the hairs. So, do not use heat styling too much on your hairs.…

  • Homemade Shampoos
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    6 Natural Homemade Shampoos for Healthy Hair

    [777] There are lot of factors these days which ruins the health of our hair. You must have tried out thousands of methods to save your hair from greying, falling, dandruff and going rough and dry.Treatments done to hair by chemicals also lead to a great hair loss. So it is better to save your hair from all these chemicals and go for natural things to grow them long and make them strong. Here are some homemade natural shampoos which will definitely improve the quality and shelf life of your hair by making them beautiful each day. Let’s find out about them: 1#Stinging nettle Shampoo This shampoo is good for…

  • 7 Hair Masks for Healthy Hair
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    7 Hair Masks for Healthy Hair

    [777] Hair is most important part of our body. Be it anyone a male or a female hair plays a very vital role in enhancing their looks and style. Hair does contribute to the glamour and style statements of a person to a fair share. Understanding the importance of healthy hair, today we have brought for you 7 hair masks for healthy hair. 1>    Oats Hair Mask Oats are very healthy and have great benefits for hair. This hair mask can give you soft, silky and healthy hair on regular use. It is easy to make and easy to wash Oats hair mask. Ingredients Required: 1 Table spoon Oats 1…

  • DIY Banana Hair Mask for Beautiful hair
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    DIY Banana Hair Masks for Beautiful hair

    [777] Tired with dull, frizzy hair? Have you used enough chemicals to revamp your hair but had been unsuccessful, then move towards all natural homemade remedy that can give you lustrous hair. Banana is s rich source of potassium, zinc and manganese; and in addition to that it contains various vitamins. The presence of all these nutrients helps to strengthens hair which avoids breakage, tangled hair and frizz. A fine puree of banana can be obtained by proper mashing of banana and then straining it from strainer so that small lumps and seeds are thrown away, as these particles keep sticking to hair giving it a look of dandruff. Mashed…

  • Benefits of Milk for Skin Hair and Health
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    7 Ways You Can Use Milk for Skin and Hair

    [777] Ever wondered how much do we spend money on buying those expensive creams and lotions? Or thought about going for a routine parlor therapy to take care of our skin and hair. I believe, never we got any idea, how milk benefits us when it comes to skin and hair. Raw milk is like the best solution to get flawless skin. Consuming two glass of milk everyday not only keeps you healthy and fit; but also enriches your tresses and gives an instant glow to your face. Read below 7 ways you can use milk for skin and hair. 1. Milk helps you release tension of the body, thus…

  • 7 Best Hair Styles For Square Face Shape
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    7 Best Hair Styles For Square Face Shape

    If you are tired of maintaining the same look on your square face, then we don’t blame you at all. It is indeed tough to keep the same look and thinking of trying a different look. One should know, if you have a perfect square face, then consider yourself blessed because not only your face cut is photogenic but also  gives you ample opportunity to accentuate your natural look. [777] Well, this is also certain, that few woman know what hairstyle really look good on them but the other few don’t. In that case, I help you out with the examples that you may want to try on yourself. Go…

  • onions for hair
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    Does Onion Help Hair Growth ?

    Do you look at your hair more than at yourself? Are you going through the depression time on – Hair Loss? The problem of hair loss is quite common, especially at this point of weather. It is said every day on a normal rate we lose at least 50 to 100 strands, however, if it is more than that then it should concern you. Out of all ingredients available in the kitchen, one of the most essentials of them is – Onion. For hair growth, onion is completely safe and has no side effects nor has any allergy symptoms. Why would you use any harsh product when your one stop…